My Role Model | Stuart Scott

When you die, that does not mean you lose to cancer,
You beat cancer by how you lived, why you lived
And in the manner in which you lived.
So live. Live. Fight like hell.
- Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott was the greatest man living that I've never met.

When I was looking for majors to take up in college, I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do. I was looking through websites, flipping through books, nothing. Then I got tired of it and I sat back and I started watching TV, it was a Sunday and I wanted to check out the day's highlights for the baseball games, so I flipped to ESPN, like any man did back in the day. Then I came across Stuart sitting there, and then in the midst of the highlights, he just starts joking with his broadcast partner, he looked so calm rand relaxed, he looked happy. So at that very moment, I said to myself, that's what I want to do, that's what I want to be when I grew up.

Upon further studying of exactly what it meant to be a sports broadcaster, I realized that Stuart was light years beyond anyone else in terms of how he naturally came off to the audience. His signature catch phrases "boo-yah?" & "as cool as the other side of the pillow", always made the viewer chuckle because he was actually engaged with the product. What was even more awesome about him was the fact that he was so natural, you never felt like he was reading off a teleprompter or a script, it all just flowed. When you heard his peers talk about him, you could just see their faces light up when describing who he was and what he meant to them. That is a sign of a blessed and humble human being.

But regardless of what happened in the past couple of years with the cancer progressively getting worse, he was always positive about it, always. He always showed strength, class and encouragement when it came to his story. Watching his ESPY speech again and him really putting over the Jimmy V Foundation because it actually helped him, was awesome. He was living proof that the foundation worked and will continue to work.

The main message that I got from was to never give up, to keep fighting. That you cannot do it by yourself, that you need people in your life that will fight for you, that will let you be weak when you can't go on so you can recover and continue fighting. That the indescribable love for his family, his daughters in particular, was the realest thing a man could accomplish on this earth. That for me makes me idolize him as a person because he always encouraged you to be yourself and have fun with life, and when things got tough, to not tuck your tail and run.

From Winston Salem, NC, to Florence, SC, to Raleigh, NC, to Orlando, FL and finally to ESPN, Stuart Scott worked as hard as anyone else, and made himself into a name synonymous with the very network he helped build. Like he said, he didn't lose this battle, he won it. I for one am glad that he doesn't have to go through all of that anymore and he can finally rest. I'm going to leave you guys with the last public appearance that he made, which was at the 2014 ESPY's.
Do you guys have any memories or thoughts about Stuart Scott, what does it mean to not see him on your TV screen anymore. Leave a comment below letting me know how you feel.

Until next time guys.

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