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I've had the fortunate luck to run across some very talented individuals over the course of my life & talking about them doesn't quite do them justice. So I've decided to create a whole new series of interviews dedicated to them & their talents. For my first interview I have someone that who I just adore because she's just that graceful, Ms. Antonia Moses. Without much further ado, here's the interview, enjoy!

Cold Knowledge: There are so many people out there, who don't know what good music is exactly, so they don't know how awesome you are. Can you give us a quick rundown of who you are and where you are from?

Antonia: I agree with the first statement haha, a lot of people are out of the loop when it comes down to good music these days. I’m a singer/songwriter, born in Detroit and raised in Inkster, Michigan. I am a classically trained singer, but I perform mainly R&B/Soul/Acoustic music. My side gig is marketing for a company in Detroit at the moment lol.

Cold Knowledge: So when did you find out you first had the ability to sing?

Antonia: I first found out that I could sing when my Aunt Cynthia would force me to sing His Eye Is On The Sparrow when I was 6 years old, she would force me to sing it at all the family gatherings. She would say “she can sing she’s good” but at the time, being a 6 year old I was more like, “what the fuck? why are you making me do this?” haha. I hated it cause I would get so nervous, but it was in those moments of her encouraging me that I knew I had a voice. I really started taking it seriously when I got into middle school.

Cold Knowledge: Which artists inspire you to become a better musician?

Antonia: That list could go on and on, but in terms of musicianship of a singer and songwriting too, I would have to say that my top influences are Billie Holiday, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Anita Baker, and Stevie Wonder.

Cold Knowledge: How do you feel about the current music scene? Do you think it's strayed too far from actual artists who can actually put their own sound together?

Antonia: In terms of the “mainstream” music scene, I feel like it has definitely strayed from how it used to be from when like Earth, Wind and fire and Stevie wonder were the most popular. But I can’t discredit a lot of these musicians and producers, I think it’s just taken a new form for sure. I don’t think Ariana Grande can keep up with Billie or Anita Baker in terms of soul, I’m not talking vocal acrobats, but depth. And I do not think that Justin Beiber could keep up with Michael Jackson or Prince in terms of energy and entertainment, but they’re what consumers want right now. Unfortunately consumers are consumed with things that don’t have meaning or soul, they like “Stuff”: hot cars, Louibouton's, Gucci purses. That’s what they want, the shallow shit, so you’re going to get shallow singers and performers out on top. Again, this doesn’t discredit artists like Janelle Monae and other incredible artists that aren’t incredibly mainstream, but that’s how I feel about what I hear on the radio. A lot of these popular singers may or may not be putting their own sound together, but who knows these days, the media is still trying to convince us that Kylie Jenners lips are real. So I’m sure they are trying to act like these singers/performers actually write their own shit, but maybe they do lol. With the Detroit music scene, I see a lot of incredibly talented musicians and singers that are staying true to real music and creating an energy that is unique and they are real musicians, they can READ music! They can play the instruments AND perform. That’s not a easy thing to do. It takes another level of talent to create your own music and words and melody. That can only come from the soul so, I am into the Detroit music scene right now.

Cold Knowledge: That's pretty deep and dope, I guess the music scene in Detroit is like what we see in the movies and on television huh?

Antonia: Yeah, I think it has a vibe that no other city can touch. Artists creating music from their roots and soul and being musically gifted, that's what Detroit's scene is all about.

Cold Knowledge: Let's talk about dream album, who would you most like to work with?

Antonia: Hmmm, I would want to work with Prince, Quincy Jones, Stevie wonder, and Timbaland.

Cold Knowledge: Let's go a step further, out of all of the new artists out, who would you consider collaborating with?

Antonia: Jedinna for sure! I'm a big fan of his music and the message that he puts out.

Cold Knowledge: I know this is going to be hard, but describe yourself in 5 words.

Antonia: Tenacious, quirky, thoughtful, compassionate, and bold.

Cold Knowledge: I really like that description of you, I don't think I've seen someone describe themselves with that combination before, you seem like a leader.

Antonia: I have always been a natural leader, but I've also been very very timid in the past, but it took a lot of self growth and reflection for to get to this point where I feel like I am a leader and I am not afraid to step up to things.

Cold Knowledge: So I know people are going to be interested in hearing your sound and discovering who you are, where can they find some of your material and how can they support?

Antonia: I’m actually working on an EP album right now with a few different producers. It will be a 5-6 song EP out this summer. I’m releasing the first single very soon, it’s called Break Everything, but all of my music will be found on my SoundCloud when it's ready. My handle on SoundCloud is @ToniaMusic and same with my Instagram at @ToniaMusic, and that’s where you will be able to hear it all first including announcements and covers, etc.

Cold Knowledge: Sounds awesome, I'm definitely looking forward to your EP Break Everything, and I have high expectations. Before we go, is there anything that you want to say or any advice you want to give to any up and coming artist or just a youngster looking to get into music?

Antonia: I still have so much to learn about music and the industry, but there is one thing that I've learned for myself and that is to do it for the love of it, not for the attention. It helps me stay grounded and realistic about who I am as an artist and who I want to be. Also have fun and COLLABORATE. :)

Welp ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, Ms. Antonia Moses. I'm glad that I could showcase such an amazing arist for my first interview on the site and she's super talented. Like she said, you can check out her SoundCould at @ToniaMusic and her Instagram at @ToniaMusic, you can also follow her on twitter at @ToniaMusic. Make sure you support her EP Break Everything coming out very soon, we will definitely let you know when that comes out and where you can go to support her album at.

Until next time!

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