Hard Truths & Realities

Life. ain't meant to come around twice,
Yeah, that's why I gotta get it right.
They said I got it honest now I gotta give it Life,
But sleep on it, that's why God give you night.
I mean, I had a dream that, God gave me Flight,
Too fly for my own good so, God gave me plight.
- Lupe Fiasco

There are people in this world, no matter how you look at it, will always have to make the tough decisions majority of people would never make.There are those people who wake up every single day with the intentions of doing good in this world with a kind heart, that never get a fair shake. There are also those people in this this world that when it boils down to it at the end of the day, will spend most of their adult life doing things they don't want to do, to get somewhere in the same vicinity of where they want to be. That's just life, a life of hard truths and realities.

"Well that's not entirely true".

Now some people will try to argue with you that everyone makes their own luck, that everyone has the same opportunities as the next person. If only that were true. Because if you think about it, at the end of the day, if everyone had the same opportunities, this world would be a different one. Life doesn't give a fair shake to everyone, because it's not designed to. Some people will know pain and struggle more often than others, but the odd thing is, they don't become discouraged. They find something within themselves that keeps them going on a daily basis. It's their hope & belief that one day it will get better, one day.

Think about it like this.

It's like a basketball player who grew up in the wrong neighborhood, in the wrong city, around the wrong people, he saw this and decided to make a change. He had to fight to get onto the JV team, scrap his way onto varsity, spend countless summers playing AAU, then he gets to college, decides he wants his degree, has a really great year, then all of a sudden, he has a career ending injury. He doesn't become discouraged, he realizes that he has come this far, he can't quit. Why should he? The hard truth is that he'll never play again, the reality of the situation is that he's in school & able to get his degree and still be something great with his life.

Life always get's better, regardless of the situation, as long as you have faith.

That's the silver lining in all the equations, in all the problems, in all the solutions for those people of this world. Some never realize they are this person until something major happens, and some realize it almost immediately upon examination of their life. But that's never the problem, actually with that though, it's a sense of pride knowing that you can make the tough decisions that no one else can make. Some would say that's a leadership quality. The thing is that at the time, when it's happening and it's something that you want with all your heart, and can't get, it's a little, sad.

Having to always do what you have to do, rather than doing what you want to is mentally, physically, and most of the time emotionally draining. But at the same time you know it's necessary for growth, you know that somewhere in this world your time will come and that God is dragging you through the mud because you were meant to be more than you ever knew. Whether that purpose is for the masses or just for your family, either way, the struggle is needed to get where it is you're meant to be. But in the mean time, just realize that there are always those people that bite their tongue, and do what they have to do because they realize it's just the reality of situation.

The people that recognize the hard truths and realities in situations, are the same people you need to befriend and support, because one day, that will pay off more than either of you could ever imagine.

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