Last Knights Movie Review

This movie was pretty good.

As I've said plenty of times here on the site, I check out movies that most probably won't watch because it may look either boring or repetitive to them, that's not really my style. I like to watch movies, that is my thing, I am just like anyone else though when I watch a movie and it sucks lol. I didn't watch a trailer for this movie, nor did I hear anything about it. It was literally a random movie that I decided to watch one day when I was doing maintenance on my blog. Needless to say I became very distracted very short there after trying to watch the movie.

I've always liked Clive Owen, as I do with all British actors for some reason, he really set the tone for this film. Morgan Freeman does what Morgan Freeman always does, acts his ass off. He did a great job setting up the plot for Clive to take over the film in the second half. Aksel Hennie serves as a more than adequate villain in his role, and did I mention Cliff Curtis is in this movie as well? These are the types of movies that I like because they basically come out of nowhere and end up being good. This is one of those movies I talk about that have a solid plot, a lot of action and a ending that isn't expected per say. I was actually reading the reviews here and people were being overly analytical towards this movie when there was clearly no need to be. Now while this movie isn't Oscar worthy, it's surely worthy of a couple of watches as an alternative to a big budget movie that gets overhyped by box office performances, (I'm looking at you Jurassic World).

I'm what you call a mature movie watcher, meaning I understand movies for what they are worth and what they are supposed to be. Most movies are meant for you to not put too much thought into and just watch it and have fun. Then you have those movies that you have to use some kind of thought process to keep up with the plot. Most people don't like either or, this movie seems to fall in line with both of those categories and I found myself going back in the movie trying to put certain pieces together for the tail end of it. Not bad for a movie that no one really knows about, but those who do are just being too critical of it.

I would definitely recommend this movie as a movie to watch during a downtime and you don't have really anything else planned, and that's a good thing for this movie. It's not time wasted or anything like that, it's just that when you're done watching it, you'll feel good about the movie and you'll definitely have some time knocked off your day at the same moment. If by any chance you saw this movie, I'm definitely interested in hearing your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

Until next time guys.

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