Late To The Party

 I'm becoming a dangerous man.

Being me right now is an awesome feeling, granted it took me about 28 and some change to get here, I feel like I've finally arrived in a sense. There's a lot of things to be grateful and thankful for, but I have to take the time to just sit back and admire me. Now I of all people know that you shouldn't idolize yourself because vanity is deadly, but this post is just something that I was thinking of when I looked at this tweet on Tumblr. I think with all of the years of failures, disappointments, and me just being lazy, I've finally come to the conclusion that I've actually learned from my mistakes and that it's coming back to me now since I've actively tried to better myself. Life lessons are the shit man, they really are. They can definitely come back to treat you right if you heed to the warnings that they bring and the lessons that are to be taught. I've done the best I could at incorporating what I've learned and what I'm trying to do, because that's just the recipe for success.

A lot of people want to applaud every single little thing that they see and think warrants such approval, meanwhile I'm thinking bigger picture all of the time. That's honestly a hard thing to do, and then actually implementing it in the real world, in real time, man don't get me started. But learning from my past transgressions has really made me step it up a notch, especially after last year. Putting it all together and going out and succeeding is kind of like getting that second wind when you run, it's no better feeling that knowing you have that energy to succeed at life.  Like always, I'm not here to talk in depth about the things that are going on and the plans that I have, but just know that big things are on the horizon. I'm looking into cranking thins up a notch or two in June and I'm mentally ready for what I have planned. I was nervous initially but after all of this newfound realization, I'm just too excited. 

Are you one of those people that learned from past mistakes, if so, how has it helped you become a better person? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.
  1. It helped me to move forward. That didn't work so let's sit down and really think about what the end results would ideally be and then get back at it.

    1. I think sitting down and evaluating oneself is one of the hardest things people can do, so when they do and accept the faults and failures, that's when they can become a better person, so kudos to you.


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