I'm really starting to not care about the news all together.

It's becoming more and more apparent that the news isn't too concerned about reporting on things that matter, rather things that are somewhat reality tv show-ish. Meaning that they only want to report on things that people will get enraged & fake care about because it's more appealing that what's really going on in the world. That's the thing with most people, they just don't care about what's really going on in this world, and that's the downfall of society. People rather sit here and worry about someone's sexual orientation way more than they care about a musician helping provide power for a country historically impoverished. Or they talk about a woman who appropriated a whole culture for the last two weeks rather than talk about the many instances of murders of young African American teens & a couple of new shootings that have occurred. I wasn't really going to speak on either one of these topics because I firmly believe in not giving attention and power to situations or people that I don't care about, but I'll sum up my opinions on both situations with one sentence:

I just don't care.

I'm actually a little mad that I have to put aside a blog post that I wanted to write about for this topic but I felt compelled because of the Rachel Dolezal situation taking a left turn on twitter. Firstly, every single African American defending Rachel Dolezal is wrong, and every single person that compares her situation to that of the plight of transsexuals because of Bruce Jenner's transformation is also wrong. Firstly it's wrong to appropriate anyone's culture regardless of who it is. At the end of the day, it's still a racist and offensive move by Rachel and she is rightfully getting all of the criticism that she should be getting right now. It is NOT OK for her to act like she's apart of a culture that's built itself of the merits of their own due to exclusion and racial unjust through out the centuries. The fact that African Americans are giving her a "pass" because she didn't "hurt" anyone within the community is quite asinine. I literally saw on twitter someone said that we need to get over holding on to our value of what our culture based on past feelings and outdated emotional rage due to situations that no longer exist.

*Face palm*

That's just the dumbest thing ever, it's like they've been living in a shell the last year and a half. Racism is alive in well in this country, in fact it's probably on par for being a shade under what happened in the 50's and 60's in terms of open executions against people of color. That's just the reality of it, so when I hear that line, I'm just in awe because it seems to be those people not experiencing these things, or ever in life, are being put in front of the camera to make these dumb comments. It's really annoying when I see people talking like that because they're still trivializing the whole struggle thinking that these feelings are "old and outdated". Honestly talking about this isn't going to make those people see where I'm coming from because clearly they are a lost cause. Rachel Dolezal is a walking example of how we try to have our own culture and someone comes and steals it and tries to make it their own. It's one thing to say " hey I'm white, but I like what you guys are doing, let me try some stuff out" rather than flat out saying "I'm a black woman, and I identify with the race and my parents are not white". That within itself is a clear sign of mental problems and that she needs help, because right now she's putting on a spectacle.

And the last thing that I want to point out is that I wish people would stop comparing what she's going through as the same thing as Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn Jenner. One, I don't care about what Jenner is doing because to me that whole family does things to put themselves in the spot light, it's how they make their money. If you don't believe me, look up how much he's going to charge for speaking engagements and then tell me it's not a money grab. I think what he's doing is insulting to all of those teens who have to grow up with that identity crisis and are subjugated to such prejudices. Now for all of those people criticizing transgender people saying that it's not right and it's against what's in the bible, news flash there are parts in the bible where it clearly states DO NOT JUDGE people because that's God's job. Me personally if you want to be a guy, then be a dude, if you want to be a chick, then be a chick. You know why I don't care or why it doesn't bother me, because it doesn't affect my lifestyle, nor does it threaten me in any kind of way. It's so easy for people to attack other people who are clearly going through a mental progression and try to suppress it because it doesn't fit into the mold of what's going on in their lives.

Man I can't say enough how much I don't care about what other people are doing with their lives. There are so many other things in this country that we could be focusing on that's a bigger issue like poverty, the broken education system, jobs in this country, growth of the country, and of course my favorite, racial tension. Like I was sitting down the other day thinking about all of the stadiums and run down buildings that aren't being used that could clear up space for other things that are more useful. But that's for another blog on another day and time.

At the end of the day, Rachel Dolezal & Jenner are not news worthy to me in any sense, that's why I don't care two seconds about what's going on with them. But that's just me, I'd rather hear about how Akon is providing power to Africa, how the Dominican Republic is creating another modern day genocide and mass exodus, or how we're going to reform police departments and convict some of these cops caught on camera and the shootings the commit. But that's just me and what I want to see.

Guess I'm TransWhatever.

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