No Rhyme Or Reason

Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money.
They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
- Alfred Pennyworth

So I was watching The Dark Knight at the same time news broke, on twitter none the less, about the shooting in Charleston, SC at the AME church. Now initially my thoughts were the same as anyone else's when this happened, and the same thoughts we've been having for the last two years, how could anyone do something like this to someone so innocent. These people, God fearing people, invited this man into their church for bible study and he betrayed their trust. What was even worse than shooting them inside of a church after being welcomed in was the fact that he purposely left one woman alive so that she could live and tell what went on.

That within itself is the admission of guilt and the undeniable fact that the man is a psychopath. There is no way that the media can spin this story as they so often do with every other instance of a hate crime or police shooting. But if it's indicative of how the current 2012 mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater trial is going, he'll be alive for a minute and sitting in a jail cell. And that's just how the judicial system is set up, a man that blatantly and admiringly killed innocent people will have years to exhaust his appeals and he'll be able to fight to stay alive for the longest of times. And if it's any indication of how trials have been going for the last year and some change, he'll have a high chance of getting off, I don't put anything past the courts at this point.

Now while I was watching this movie and reading the tweets about the situation, the quote above came up and it all clicked for me. We sit and we try to rationalize these situations where these individuals go off and just commit these crimes with no remorse or sorrow when in fact, there is no reason. In this world you have those people that want to make it a better place because they genuinely see it for the promise that it holds, while others simply want to see others suffer. You will always have the good and the bad, and just like you believe that there is a heaven above, there is also an hell below. Hitler, Osama, Stalin, Bundy & Ngirumpatse all did horrific things, and the reason, because they wanted to see the world burn.

That's a pretty frightening thing to think of when you realize that there is nothing stopping a person from doing something to harm others. While those men combined killed billons of people, they are no different than those who kill a handful of innocent people. Dylann Roof is proof of that, there are dozens of photos and plans on a website detailing his plans to kill those in that church and much more. This is nothing different that when someone abroad plans to attack America, this is text book domestic terrorism. And the sad thing about it all of the people in this country flocking to support him, stating the same narrative used to disguise racism or blatantly showcasing their racism in this instance. Which clearly paints the picture that in this country, the days of racism is at an all time high, and instead of the public hangings, it's the constant shootings. Instead of the lynching's, it's discrimination from being able to get good jobs or fair public education. And instead of burning our neighborhoods or bombing our churches, they exchanged it for shootings inside of them.

Make no mistake, there are those men that just want to see the world burn to the ground, but in the same breath, there men in this world that wants to save it, and now more than ever is when we need them.
  1. I've been amazed at the number of people and media trying to say this isn't racism. And you are right this was an act of terrorism and I'm very disappointed in the FBI for not classifying it as such.

    1. It's all apart of the nuanced language used to quietly repress an issues that has plagued the country since it's inception, it's time to face it head on.


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