Keeping The Pace

I'm often asked how do I manage to post and promote my blog on a daily basis, and I always have the same answer, it's all about scheduling. Everything that I do with the site and the numbers that it gets is from simply scheduling my posts on twitter, posting on various groups on Facebook and then just writing overall great content. I know a lot of people think there is some kind of formula in regards to people coming and reading your blog, but it's really not. You just have to write some really good stuff and be consistent with your targeted audience and things will work itself out. But as far as the question of how do I find something to write about five days a week, here are some tips:

1. Daily motivation and situations. | We all go through things daily, others handle them differently and others simply don't. Instead of letting it fester in my mind, I write it down and write about it. Sometimes the posts are really good and they get put up, and sometimes they aren't and they go into the unreadable folder. It's all a matter of how you make the posts come off and how you feel about it after you vent to your pen and paper. To me this is your main source of motivation, you can easily write a daily synopsis of how your day went and make it come off as interesting if you want.

2. Holidays, news events, sporting events, reviews, etc. | There's always something going on in the news, you can always guarantee there's something to write about in terms of recent events or even anniversary of events that's happened in the past. I've recently just started branching out and writing about things that I feel strongly about. By doing that, it actually increased my blog posts by 50%, simply because there's so many things to write about going on in this world. If there is an artist you like, write about them. If there's a social event that you like that you attended, give us a review about it. You can review anything from albums, books, restaurants, trips, movies, all that kind of stuff, it's what you're willing to sit down and write about.

3. Guest posts. | This is another big thing on my blog, having other bloggers or people that don't have their own blogs contribute to the site. I love for my friends and people that love to write to post on my blog. I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, if you want to get it out there, and you can write a compelling piece, then I'll post it up. All of my guest posts are well received, all of them. I actually have one post that cracked 1, 000 views, and two other post that's inching towards 700 views, so they are getting there. If you don't feel threatened by that kind of thing then you can add not only a different view, but also great content.

4. Blog series. | I have tons and tons of blog series on the site, and I have plenty more sitting in my drafts ready to go for when I need a new one. Blog series are the best way to keep a format in your mind for things that you want to write. I've relied on blog series a lot in the beginnings of my blog, and once I started adding my singular posts, my blog series were better appreciated because they aren't as frequent anymore. You can find blog series from things in your life and even googling some ideas.

5. Blog post Idea lists. | If all else fails, there are other blogs that have whole ideas for blog topics on their website for you to take a gander at. There have been a few occasions in the past where I had to fall back on that because I didn't know exactly what to write. There are actually some great lists out there that are constantly updating. So if all else fails and you have no motivation, there are those lists to give you some sort of idea.

There you have it, some ideas on how I can keep up with the output that I have for blogging five times a week. Now granted it is hard because it's just me that's doing all of the blogging, but it's something that I challenged myself to do. Being sick for a week and getting into my accident really set things back, but I was prepared and I have things lined up for the next month. If you're thinking about doing something like this, just remember it's all about what you do and the output that you are comfortable with. But this is what I do for this blog and how I manage to keep up with the pace.

Do you have any ideas about how to put out some good blogs or ideas for topics? Do you follow a strict schedule of any sorts? If so leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.
  1. Great post! I definitely find it's slightly harder to stay consistent with posting on my beauty/fashion blog because as a college student there are definitely days I don't have any content to provide as I'm in a hoodie & jeans with no makeup on. But, I learned that having my 'Life' section on the blog allows me to post almost whatever I want as it pertains to my life. I'm actually thinking of opening it up to talk about my opinions on issues in the world. Then I definitely think I'll be posting more often & more consistently. But, your blogging tips are spot on! xoxo

    The Budget Divaa │

    1. I think that's a great idea, especially seeing as how I know your blog garners a lot of traffic. Plus you live in FL so I know there are plenty of stories to tell lol. I think giving your two cents on current subjects is a great thing. But thank you for reading and creating an avenue for me to share these tips on!


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