My Top 10 Movies of The Summer 2015

Ah so it's one of my favorite times of the year, summer movie season! Typically with summer movies I like to go out to a nice lunch or brunch and then catch the latest showing when the theater is virtually empty. I do this for the mere fact that I don't want to hear any extra comments or crying babies when I'm trying to watch a movie that I got my hopes for. Now this year is the start of a string of summer movie lineups from now until 2020. Hollywood is really trying to step their games up and out do each other since the inception of the Marvel Universe's dominance over the film industry. Now While I'm all for superhero movies, there are also tons of other movies that I want to eventually see over the course of the next few months. I'll quit with all the beating around the bushes and get right to it:

Ah, another natural disaster movie, how wonderful. What separates this movie from the likes of Twister (1996), Armageddon (1998), Deep Impact (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) & most recently 2012 (2009), is pretty much nothing if we're being honest here. The thing that makes me want to go see, as always with his films, is the main actor himself, Dwayne Johnson bka The Rock. I for one have always followed the many things Dwayne has done since his beginnings in wrestling, to his first movie, and now til his rise as Hollywood's best actors. While usually he's in roles that show's off his moxy for being the brave action star, I think this movie will show more than his ability to show his strengths. My hopes with this movie is for big spots in action, but more so those dramatic moments that show he is vulnerable and he can actually act. This may not seem like a big movie to most, but a lot of critics, directors and producers a like will be looking to see if he has range and the ability to carry a cast off emotions alone. I'm excited about the movie, and more than likely I'll check it out sometime after it's come out at a matinee.

This is actually one of the most recent shows that I binged watched a couple of months back when I was catching up on shows. Once I got all the way through to the last episode, there was actually something left to desire from the last scene. We all want to know what happened to the group of friends that stuck it out through thick and thin and grew with each other and succeeded with one another. So bringing back the whole cast of the hit series Entourage seems like a great thing for the purpose of redeeming the final season. This movie barley beats out San Andreas, as a matter of fact they could go either or before each other. This will more than likely be a film I go see with my homeboy since he loves the show and it will probably be a Sunday trip to go see it.

This is a complete first for me, a scary movie that I actually want to go see. The first two installments weren't scary per say but more so entertaining. I'm not one for over the top horror movies, just because my soul can't take such movies, but this one didn't over do it at all. The previews seem kind of meh to me, but it's the storyline and the fact that the other two were good that has me wanting to go see this one as well. I already have a date lined up for this movie and I'm excited to go see it and see if she get's scared out of her mind. Hopefully the hype around this movie will hold up and I can get to enjoy it.

This is probably one of the lesser anticipated superhero movies that Marvel has coming out, and coincidently it's one of the most important ones to date. This movie serves as the bridge between the next phase of movies that connect with each other and has an end all with an epic battle with the next Avengers movie. I for one like Paul Rudd and seeing him actually play a serious role and transform into a superhero is interesting to see. These movies have done wonders for the actors playing them and I think Paul will be no different from any of them. I actually know the history of Ant-Man from the comics so I'm excited for the day him and Tony come on the screen together. Seeing himI'll more than likely go check this movie out during a matinee as well.

I'm going to go see this movie two reasons, two reasons alone, the special effects & Chris Pratt. Chris has come a long way from his chubby roles and comedic side kicks, then came Guardians of The Galaxy, which showed off his ability to pull off the tough guy gig, so it will be interesting to see if he can duplicate his success. I'm a big Jurassic Park fan, so seeing this latest entry is appealing to me, hopefully it can do better than the third part that was just some complete and utter trash. Well ok not trash, but it did kind of suck. So visual effects and all, I'm sure that this movie will do well, I'm just hoping it will satisfy my thirst for seeing this movie done right with the CGI in full effect.

Finally we crack the top 5, and to start us off is the biopic about the most notorious Rap group of all time, N.W.A. At first when I heard this movie was being made I was a bit skeptical, because after all, biopic's about anything dealing with Rap or black entertainers in general, aren't that good. But when I saw the actual trailer for the movie, I was all in for it. The actors are believable, the storyline seems legit, then then the actual production of the movie seems like it will be on par for what this is suppose to be. I know for a fact that there are a lot of people going to go see this movie, even those who aren't fans of the west coast collective. This is definitely primetime, Friday or Saturday night outing material, and I definitely have that night already lined up to go see.

Ah, a movie with real high expections in my mind and in the minds of many others. Unlike the fist two, this seems to take from a storyline that is quite popular and the origins are all different, and it seems more realisitc than the ones before. That's the general take with superhero movies thee days anyway, and I'm all for this movie because the Fantastic Four is actually one of my favorite comics. The big controversy, for no reason at all, around this movie seems to be the inclusion of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. Mainly because people don't like to see things switch up and differ from the source material, I say this is a good idea because the original source material had it's shot. I think Michael will do a fine job as will, who I think of nothing more than a comedian actor. But I'm willing to give him a shot because from the trailers that I've seen, everything works with the cast and the production. I have really, really, really high expectations for this movie because like I said, this is one of my favorite comics. This is going to be one of those movies I catch during the afternoon and when I can thoroughly enjoy it and not be bothered.

Potentailly canidate for movie of the year, just from the trailers alone this movie has it all from action, to dramatic sequence, production, the cast, it just has it all and it's going to be good. It's already out and I've heard nothing but great things about it, and I'm excited to go check it out soon. I know a lot of people have been applauding the acting of Charlize Theron , and rightfully so seeing as how she's a great actress, anything that she touches is pretty much gold and she can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm kind of glad that I've waited to see this movie because to avoid the crowds, so I'm going to go check this out probably this coming weekend. I know everyone is getting tired of remakes and they don't want to see another one seeing as how there are a million ones going around, but I think this one will do the original series justice and will add on to it.

Ah one of my favorite movie series of all time, Mission: Impossible. Now most people are tired of the film series with multiple entries, but just like The Fast & The Furious franchise, these movies keep getting better to me. I really think those people who don't see these movies don't actually see these movies, but the story lines and the action sequences never cease to amaze me. With Mission: Impossible though the action sequences get bigger and bigger every time a movie is produced, as evident with Tom hanging from a plane this time around in the trailer. This movie is this high on the list purely on my tastes because I love this movie series, as soon as I heard this movie was coming out this summer, I was already in there to watch it. I'll check this movie out during matinee hours as well.

And the number one movie that everyone is looking to go see this summer is of course The Avengers sequel. I know this movie has been out for a minute now, but I haven't seen it just yet due to time restrictions and other things that have come up in my life as of late. I know that everyone says that it's good and it's a must see movie, but I take that for a grain of salt and I just don't believe it will be better than the first one. Marvel knows just how to blend these big cast movies with just the right amount of on air time, as to not make the movie seem long or over saturated. It's a team up movie, so of course you expect to see the whole team on the screen for long periods of time. I'm a Marvel supporter through and through so seeing this movie will be on my top things to do list and I'm looking forward to it. I think this movie is going to be in theaters for another good month and then it will disappear, so I'm going to check this out after I see Mad Max, just because that has my attention at the current moment. Once again this is a matinee type deal seeing as how other movies will be coming out soon for me to check on Friday & Saturday nights.

Welp there you have it, my picks for the top movies I want to see this summer, what movies are going to check out? Give me a couple of your favorite movies that you are going to check out and see in the comments below. Also check out the other movies below that I'm going to see, but didn't quite make it to the see in theaters cut, they're listed here:

Movies that just missed the cut & I'll probably go see at the dollar theater randomly:

The movie's who's trailers looked good, but I'm going to wait for them to come out on DVD.

Well guys that does it for me, I hope this was helpful to those who didn't know what movie were coming out this summer, until next time!

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