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Oh how I've been waiting to write this blog all year, *rubs hands together*.

Today is the day that receives more hate than recognition for various reasons, and the major one that I can point out is that there is too much angst those men who are actually great fathers and do what they are suppose to do and more. Today is about those men who are always around and do the best that they can, with what they have to make sure that their kids know that they have both great parents in their lives. Today is meant to celebrate those men that beyond all measures and social norms, strive to portray the best possible image of what father hood is suppose to look like, today is your day fellas, rejoice. Whether you're a biological or a step father, if you're doing your best to take care of a child who looks up to you for protection and guidance, then take the time to enjoy being a dad, because you worked hard to fill shoes that aren't easily fillable.

Today is also the day for the grandfathers, the uncles, the brothers and any other relative that stepped up and raised a family member as their own. It's hard raising someone that is not yours, so stepping up to the plate and putting your life to the side to help raise a child that needs you the most is an awesome thing in the world. You are the best kind of human there is. So if someone tries to tell you that today is just for fathers and step fathers, don't listen to them because it's just about you as it is them. Take the time to enjoy your family that you helped build, it's ok to be a father and act like one.

I just want to say that while I appreciate all of the single mothers out there that handle business and do what they have to do alone, today is not about you. Your day is on mothers day and that will forever be your day, but today wasn't meant for you. Today was meant to celebrate those men that are actually in the lives of their children and that make an effort to actually be a father. So the whole notion of celebrating two holidays because you do all of the work is, well it's absurd, no offense. I'm all for you guys, but let today be what today was intended be, a man's holiday.

If you are a child who's had a father figure in some capacity in their lives, take the time to thank them, even if it's just with a phone call or if it's with a lavish dinner or cooking on the grill, just take the time out of your day because it can go a long way. Just like on Mother's Day when you showed your mom all the love in the world, Father's day is just as equal. So that's my little spill on Father's Day, all the respect in the world from me. Today is your day guys and this beer is for you.
I always love Google's logo on the holidays.

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