Spectre Movie Review

This movie felt a little off to me.

I came into this movie with such high expectations with not only the story line but with the cast as well. For the most part it returned the cast of Skyfall that was such a great movie steeped in action, the plot line had me invested and the characters were mainstays of the series, which made the ending that great. You can even stretch back to Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace as two movies that also held their own and transformed the way we looked at Bond here in the modern movie era. I read somewhere that those three movies gave the franchise a much needed face lift to compete with the likes of Jason Bourne & the ever youthful Ethan Hunt.

Spectre was good, but it wasn't what I was expecting, at all.

Spectre is basically what all the bond movies before Casino Royal was, a white males misogynistic wet dream. I mean it started off in typical Daniel Craig era bond fashion. The opening fight scene was pretty awesome and it was fast paced. Matter of fact, the whole movie was good, all the way up to the meeting after Mr. Hinx beat a guy to pulp. When I heard the dialogue of that meeting I pretty much figured out the whole plot at that point. That's not a bad thing considering I know how to read plot lines in movies since I watch them so much, but it was rather how things unfolded.

I will say that one of the highlights of this film was actually Dave Bautista's Mr. Hinx. He was actually the perfect villain and he actually whooped Daniel Craig's ass in a believable manner. If I were a better man then I would have centered the movie around Mr. Hinx and his ability to man handle Bond. Have them run into each other twice with Mr. Hinx getting the best of James only to be one upped at the end of the movie. Have him not speak the whole movie as he was already doing and then setup the big reveal for the next film, which is supposedly Dainel Craig's last one.

But alas none of that is going to happen and the plot simply seemed rushed for some reason. As I said this wasn't a bad Bond movie, it just wasn't on par for what we expected after the events of Skyfall. Christoph Waltz is one of my favorite actors, but his villain was setup to look so weak in this one and he didn't even have one fight scene with Bond unlike the other villains in the entries before. He was just a really smart guy playing with fire which is a really smart guy that can fight. Mr. Hinx disappeared way too quickly, leaving the rest of the movie to be mostly dialogue and very weak action sequences.

All in all if this is the last entry of the Bond series for Daniel Craig then this is a let down of sorts compared to his other entries. I don't know what the director or the writers were trying to hit on with this but Sony missed something huge with this entry and it leaves something to be desired for the fans of the series. Maybe he was just burned out or the film took some hits with the Sony Email Leaks, but either way the movie just didn't do it for me. Hopefully the next entry to the series can be redeemed by someone of is wanted by most to fill the role. But that's another blog for another time, late this week lol.

If you saw this movie, good or bad, tell me how you feel in the comments below. You know that I love to hear from you guys.

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