Fantastic Four Movie Review

Move along, nothing to see here.

So this movie wasn't that bad as people said it was going to be. The general feeling that I got from this movie was that it was rushed and the pay off was just not there. The setup was great, it's just that the fast forward from when they got their powers was too sudden, and that working with the military made no sense. I don't mind them rushing through the story arch if they are going to at least try and make something more of the interaction between Doom and the team. That's my whole thing, either build us up for an epic fight, or have that epic fight and pay off leading to the setup for a sequel. 

None of which happened here.

I don't have a problem with the casting beyond Sue Storm, (Kate Mara just doesn't do it as an actress for me). Beyond that miscast everyone else to me seemed to really fit their role for what the movie was asking for. The younger versions of themselves and the actual power gaining process was pretty awesome. After that the movie just went downhill and never fully recovered. I think the rushed timeline of the movie is the one thing that everyone agrees with here. If it's true that Fox stepped in and changed everything from director Josh Trank's original idea, then it would appear that Fox has truly lost the element of movie making.

Beyond the disappointment with the timeline of the movie, the special effects were on par and didn't disappoint one second. The ending of the movie especially was good looking in terms of special effects, CGI and all of that other good stuff they had going on. The cast, in the limited role they had with the characters, did a superb job; well besides Mara. Even though the film had a run time of an hour and forty minutes, the film was just too much out there and all over the place.

If there's any inclination that what happened here could happen with not only the sequel for this film and the Chronicle sequel coming out, I want Fox to give it back to Trank and stay completely away from doing anything related to reshooting. This was just an utter disaster from the stand point of the plot being way too rushed. But Fox can salvage this franchise with the sequel if they manage to get a director that actually has a vision and can build off this movies failures. It's either that or just giving it back to marvel, because after three tries, it may be time to do what Sony did with their Spider-Man deal.

So Fox if you're listening, and I'm sure you are, stop making comic movies if you're just going to screw them up, we will learn to hate you a little less for it.

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