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Some are kissing mothers & some are scolding mothers,
But it is love just the same,
And most mothers kiss & scold together.
- Pearl S. Buck


I've taken a new stance on the whole holiday thing and recognize the importance of some. Now while you should always cherish and respect your parental figures 24/365 and give them back unconditional love as all children should, these holidays are meant to be something else, something more special. I realize that with a lot of holidays, there's a lot of mutual respect and admiration when you go out in public. Is as if you're a part of a sister or brotherhood where you all pass by each other, proud as pudding, being able to give the other a head nod in approval that you did something right on this planet. Of course some people use this day as a measuring stick to say, "Hey my kid is better than yours", which is alright if you're into that kind of thing. But the topic of Mother's Day is always a touchy one because some people always assume and look for appreciation rather than sitting back and letting it come to them. While others don't even look for the holiday and honestly don't expect anything in return, those are the ones need to be taken care of the most because of their unselfishness; this holiday was made for them.

Now while most are lucky to have their actual mothers in their lives, most don't and those who don't rely on other great women who've stepped up to the plate to take care of someone that aren’t their own by birth. Whether it is a step-mom, adopted mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or a close family friend, those women decided to put their lives on hold to make sure someone else who needed help, succeeds at life. There aren’t enough thanks in the world for those types of women, those are the type of women that help raise great people, people that this planet needs. The act of accepting one who isn't by birth theirs is in fact one of the greater acts of unselfishness that you can teach someone, so that characteristic is instilled by default. Well I should say that if the intentions are good and not just some sort of plot for self-gain. But all in all, any woman that decides to do that in my book is always a great human being until proven otherwise.

Then on the same hand which seems to be so rampant these days are the single mothers, whom I have a love hate relationship with. I love them for the simple fact that they do what most in their situations can't, and that's raise a child that is loved and to be their own person. But the hate aspect part of it is the ones, who abuse such circumstance, but today isn't about them, it's about all the single mothers out there who handle their business and do it ever so gracefully. Those are the mothers spend all day handling their business and doing what is needed to be done to make sure everything is handled and taken care of. I want to say those single mothers who not only work full time and go to school in any capacity while being able to take care of their child(ren) is a pretty phenomenal individual. I know one nice young lady in particular who is that single mother and I'll tell you right now, she's a very remarkable person because she literally doesn't have time to think, so for her to be in school full time, work full time and make time daily for her little one is nothing short of amazing. It's people like her that gives you a lesson in how to achieve goals even with the most strenuous of circumstances.

Then there are those women who are at the top of their game, regardless of age or stature, and they simply provide that motherly love and advice to people that are still fairly new to that facet of life. Those women are able to spot out those young people who need that whisper in their ear whether it's to let them know that they are slipping or that they are doing a great job, basically to nurture them in a certain field or goal. Those women are essential to the growth process because they know what it takes to nudge that young person towards greatness. You can call these women mentors, but they do much more than that, we all know when you get a woman that strong in your corner, you acknowledge their motherly wisdom and advice. Those women are greatly appreciated for helping said person usher into the next phase of their life.

All in all I'm grateful to have some pretty strong women in my life to help me get through some rough patches, simply because they saw the good in me, and still do. I will be the first to admit that without those women, I literally would not be here today typing this blog. I would probably be worse off than expected, somewhere up to no good, and I literally mean that. I will tell you about one woman whom I met my senior year in High School, Mrs. Washington. I wasn't too sure about what I wanted to do or even if I wanted to go off to college, I was really just thinking about staying in my small hometown and just doing like so many others did, but she wasn't having any of that. She walked me over to the board with the map of the word on it, she put thumbtack on my hometown and said to me that the world was much bigger than this town was and told me not to let it hold me back from doing something great. That was literally 10 years ago to this day, and I'm still thankful for that piece of advice. I may not be anywhere were I want to be in this world yet, but that one moment in time got me off my butt and outside the state lines, and I haven't looked back since.

Whoever you have in your life, do not take them for granted. I've seen so many instances where people's parents, role models, guardians, whoever that they cherished the most in this world were here one minute, and gone the next. I know this is just one day and that you should be showing that you love them on a daily basis, but take this one day out to show the whole world who your mom is, or if you have women in your life that played a pivotal role as that mother figure, showcase them as well, because they deserve it just as much as the next. A mother isn't just someone who gives birth to your physical body, they also give birth to your mental prowess, and your spiritual integrity, two things you simply cannot put a value on. And if you're a mother with a small child who doesn't understand yet Mother's Day, then just simply keep showing them how to become a great human while showing them you love them, because there will come a day when this holiday will actually bring a tear to your eye.

Who are you celebrating this Mother's Day? What do you have planned for them? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys, and Happy Mother's Day out there to all the wonderful women doing the job no other can.

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