Book Review | The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

There is no such thing as a hopeless situation.
Every single circumstances of your life can change!
- Rhonda Byrne

The concept of the book is a relatively simple one, it shows you the different aspects in which the law of attraction can be used to gain things in your life, whether it be personal property, wealth or healthier relationships. When I initially read the reviews on this book and was told that it was a lot of questions raised about said book, I would be lying to you if I told you if I wasn't nervous about reading it. But in the end, just like most things on this planet, this book is what the reader makes it and what the reader takes away from the book. 

Although I could see the arguments in the book if one wasn't too particularly self aware of themselves and their current placements in life in regards to how it's going for them. If you come into this book desperately seeking answers to questions that you have or you're more so heavy on the actual science and mechanics of the universe instead of have faith based values, then this book is really not for you.

I'm all for having a practical understanding of how the world works and the various processes one has to undertake in order to achieve certain levels success and goals they set forth. That much is needed to actually obtain things in this world that we live in, I'm not naive for a second about that. But on the other side of that, my faith based side, I believe fully in the lord bringing things in my life that I need and not want for, so with that comes the faith and trust in him that he will deliver in the time that he thinks it's appropriate for me to have those things. With this book it reminds of the things that I need to do in addition to just working hard and making plans to achieve things in this life, to me the point of this book was to play up the spiritual aspect of working hard for things and that will always be met with scrutiny.

This was designed to be a self help book of sorts, but it was just a friendly reminder of how I need to keep the faith and actively have the faith rather than just working hard and leaning on that for tangible results. Granted I had to really sit back and think about what the book was trying to get at but from what I understood is that you have to visualize what you want, ask for it, and believe that will come true for you, borrowing from the whole Matthew 21:22 bible verse. Which makes sense because what is a dream if you don't have a positive outlook on it and don't have the faith that it will come true in addition to your hard work. As much as working hard and having a solid plan for achieving your goals are important to succeeding, having that faith and confidence in the Lord to make it come true is just as important, if not more important.

That's just how it helps me though.

I'm sure if you read this book, you will understand the importance of having the positive mindset that whatever you want or whatever it is that you're working hard towards, it will come true by you having the positive thoughts about it. We all know that your thoughts affect your physical mood, so by thinking positively about what you're working hard for and keeping that same mindset that you will get what you're working hard for, well it makes sense you know? I see what the detractors are saying about this book when it comes down to the quantum mechanics and all that other jazz about what she's saying in the book, but I think it's more so a faith based thing and that combined with science will never be a good thing.

All in all this book helped me in the sense that it promotes positive thinking and that it keeps alive the fact that the Lord will make things happen for me as long as I work hard for what I'm trying to achieve and that's the most important thing to me when I read this book. So when you read this book, and while you're trying to understand and apply this book to your life, just try to keep an open mind and a broader sense of what your values are. If you have a positive mindset and believe in things in the universe can affect you based off moods and attitudes then this will be for you, if you don't believe in that kind of thing, then this book isn't for you. Either way I hope you at least take away something from this book as I did, even if it's just something to reaffirm how you think or it's just something that builds you up and shows you some kind of understanding.

If you did read this book, what did you think about it? Did it help you understand some things in your life or did it absolutely just bomb? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.

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