Cold Hard Steele

So keeping with the flow of introducing people that most wouldn't think I know, but mean the world to me & helped influenced me in some kind of way; I want to introduce you guys to Ms. Xania Steele. Now a lot of people that are real close to me, (and I mean real close), that went to college know all about Xania and how awesome of a person she is. I'm never one to fully disclose relationships or dealings with women, but this is about as close as "sweetheart" that I've had in my lifetime, well at least in my head she was lol. But none the less this is probably one of the cooler people that I've know since I was just a wee teenager trying to make it in the world. This is somewhat off topic, but knowing someone since you were actually in your teens, (we met when I was 19), and being able to stay friends with them for going on 10 years is pretty awesome to say the least.

But any who, I always tell people how I met little old Xania when she was a shy and very quiet young lady, well I wouldn't say quiet per say, just really reserved at the time. Honestly I can't say that she has changed that much from that person with the exception that she a little bit more sarcastic when we have exchanges lol, which actually make for better conversations. But all in all, with becoming grown ups and leading busy lives, we don't really get to talk much with each other, but the moments we do see each other during homecoming season, it's always that much special when she gives that half smile and her iconic "what's up dude" line lol. This picture from last homecoming is everything but clear, but it's still amazing how the times change but we still can manage to take a picture together:

All in all this is one of the people that help me realize that there are women in those in this world that are pretty awesome and that all aren't the same. Pretty simple message, but like I said, that was back when I was a youngster and didn't know anything at all. We're friends for the sole purpose of her reminding me of the better times I had in college and why I like being in Raleigh and what not. So I'm glad to introduce you guys to Xania, one of the coolest women that I know on this planet. Oh and I take that comment about the picture from homecoming last year being my favorite, because as I was editing this, I actually found another, & I think the one from 2013 homecoming might actually be my favorite lol

  1. How sweet of you to dedicate a whole post to one of your friends! That is so thoughtful and such a good idea! I might have to do the same at some point on my blog! I really love this!

    (If I do something like this, I will refer it back to your blog of course. Gotta give you props :)

    1. Thank you for reading! Yea it's a new thing I'm trying out, I've already written a couple of posts for my friends on here with plenty of more to come. Feel free to use the idea, I'm all about spreading good ones! lol


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