A Helping Hand

So there was a period last year where I completely lost my mind.

Now when I say I lost my mind, it wasn't one of those things where I was homicidal or suicidal, it was more so me suffering from the full effects of PTSD and I didn't really know I was. Now it's documented numerous times on this site that I was in therapy for the latter part of last year, now what people don't know is that there was one person always in my ear, talking me down off the ledge if you will. That extraordinary person was one Mrs. Gabrielle Barnes, my therapist before my therapist. Now there are so many reasons as to why one could sit and listen to another's problems, but all of her motives were pure because she certainly had nothing to gain by the information I was spewing about my life at the time. You know, sitting here I realize that aren't enough people in this world like her, who just genuinely want to help other people. At a time when I was the lowest, God definitely sent someone to whisper in my ear the truths and things I needed to hear.

It's no secret that I'm a very stubborn and hard headed person to deal with when I get a thought in my head, that's a gift and a curse. During the beginning stages of that process, I was just not listening and I was being hard headed, I know she was frustrated with me at times, but she hung in there with me. During that whole ordeal she was ever so wise and her wisdom was not at a shortage, not for one second. Now normally I wouldn't tell people about who I vent to or talk to, but this was on a level more than just venting and telling problems to, that's why she was my therapist before my therapist. There aren't enough words that I could say to show my appreciation for her; after all she was the catalyst for my mindset change when it came to my current appreciation for myself. She taught me a lot about how to deal with heartbreak and the things I needed to do to get over it. She never once judged or asked me why I did the things that I did. In essences she's what this blog was about, teaching people things from personal experiences in hopes that they listen, and boy did I listen.

There are few people that command absolute respect from me in this world, and one of them is Gabrielle. She came in and taught me things that I didn't know, she made me remember who I was, and most importantly she had the patience to see me through one of the harder times in my life, and the amount words for appreciation aren't enough. If you have those kinds of people in your life, they are definitely there for the long haul and they are definitely meant to be in your circle of friends that are called your extended family members. I'm glad to be able to have met someone as awesome as Gabrielle, and I can only hope that you guys can find someone like her that and if you do, don't let go of that person ever. Like I said before, there are not enough words that I can say that can thank her for what she has done for me and the process of becoming a better person.

I also want to say congratulations to her and Brandon for getting married not too long ago, they are like one of my favorite couples ever. But yes guys this Gabrielle and this is one of my good friends, and I'm proud to introduce you guys to her and her awesomeness.

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