My Favorite Rap Artists, Vol. 5 | Lupe Fiasco

And I'm mouth-less
Which means I'm soundless
Now as far as the hearing, I've found it
- (Dumb It Down, 2007)

For an artist whose debut song I initially hated, I sure do love the guys catalog now, funny how life works out. But I really just attribute the fact that I hated that song to the beginning stages of me hating the radio and music channels that were shifting away from playing good music, so everything just became something I loathed, ironically I've come to respect the song and love Kick Push II. But what is also funny is that when I actually went out and bought this album on a whim that I would end up labeling it a Hip-Hop classic, and I still stand by that statement. 

While Food & Liquor is a classic, his sophomore effort The Cool shows no slump and the more that I listen to it, I'll go as far as saying that is also a classic, debate your mom on this one. To my knowledge, I don't think there is an artist yet that I can play their first two albums straight through, know all of the lyrics and be able to vibe out with the album still to this day. That's something a lot of artists can't say or people that are fans of those artists can say about their favorite MC, his first two albums just go.

I think for the most part when he came into the game and burst onto the mainstream scene, he was holding it down until the influx of rappers came. Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale, Kendrick, Sean & J. Cole were all still doing the mixtape circuit, headlining shows when Lupe dropped The Cool so it's safe to say that he established who he was well before they actually burst onto the scene within that two year time span of 2009 & 2010. 

I think he put out two albums that I really loved because for the most part I could relate to them and they had that sense of empowering you at the same time. I mean he also had that underlining southern sound to it, which definitely helped his case out a lot when it came to my ears. He also had the respect of a lot of MC's that I grew up listening to, Bun B, Slim Thug, that whole Texas area basically. So that also helped him out in my book, well world of music listening to.

All in all he lost me a little when he was going through his whole personal deal where he threatened retirement, deleted his twitter, then bought it back and made it private, then just hated everything for a little while there. I'll be honest that it turned me off of his music for awhile and I'm just getting back on it. But for the most part he is one of the premier MC's in the game and there is no denying that, with many MC's saying he's one of the best. I just hope that he keeps going back upwards and hooks back up with Soundtrakk for more than a couple of tracks here and there, they definitely had magic together. By the way, what also made those first two albums so great was those intros with Iesha Jaco on them, those were gold and they were different from what other artists were doing at that time.

I haven't checked out his latest effort yet because of my life being a mile a minute since the beginning of the year, but I'm going to go ahead and give it a spin, I've been hearing good things about it. But all in all this is a guy who definitely earned his respect from his first two albums and his various mixtapes and freestyles, I'm expecting the best from him as I've always done.

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