50 New NC Law's Reaction

So recently North Carolina, the state that I live in at the current moment, passed some laws into effect that I felt like I need to comment on. Some were a little out there while others seemed to be on par for what they were supposed to be. Here are ten laws that I took notice to when I was scrolling down the list; you can check the rest out here: 50 New NC Laws.

1. Abortion Wait | The waiting before a woman can get an abortion has expanded from 24 hours after receiving required information from a doctor or medical professional to 72 hours.

  • Reaction: This goes along the lines of me feeling that women should be able to do what they want since it’s their body and all. I understand that North Carolina wants people to be informed and make the best decision possible, but it’s just hindering what the woman wants to do ultimately. Do  I think that the woman should really be informed first of all the things health wise and morally wise? Yes I would love that. But I also understand that everyone is in a different position in life or that they don't think as I do. It boils down to the individual and how they want to handle things.

2. Tanning Beds | Everyone under 18 is now prohibited from using tanning beds.

  • Reaction: Makes sense to me for the simple fact that kids shouldn't be exposing themselves at that early of an age where they are causing major health risks. I know back in the day South Carolina had the same problem and they instituted this law. Kids are susceptible to external pressures that they don't realize is causing major influence. For whatever reason kids feel the need to go to these tanning beds to change their skin complexion for no reason. I've always been against tanning beds because the lasting effects are too great. Plus who wants to be orange for the rest of their life?

3. National Guard & Guns | North Carolina Guard members will be able to carry concealed weapons while in uniform and on duty.

  • Reaction: Meh, I don’t like this and I do like it in the sense that there are still some people in uniform that can’t make the proper judgment call, just like a person that’s a cop or a civilian with an open carry permit. To me this has disaster written on it.

4. Pistol Permits | Backers of a firearms law wanted the pistol permit process through local sheriffs streamlined. The new provisions say permit applications should be provided electronically and that sheriffs should be quick about seeking information about an applicant's mental health history before deciding whether to grant the permit.

  • Reaction: I think this is a great one here. This provides a great process where a sheriff only has to pull a persons record and mental health history all in one setting. I'm sure there are programs that are out there that can help expedite the process as well. But overall I agree with this move and hope that more emphasis can be placed on applicants overall mental stability.

5. Driving To Church | People who've had their driver's licenses revoked due to past impaired driving or multiple traffic convictions already can get limited driving privileges to go to work, college or for emergency medical care. Lawmakers have now extended that to attending church or traveling for religious worship.

  • Reaction: This is another good law passed here, granted only if the person applying is trying to change for the better. Religious service, regardless what religion you are, is always a great thing for a person to get back in to the swing of things. We all make mistakes so I'm glad to see a good reason for a person who wants to do better to actually do better. If that was me I would love to go to Church and not have to wait on someone else to come and whisk me away. Nice look NC, nice look.

6. Move Over Law | For years, motorists have had to change lanes or slow down when police cruisers or first responder vehicles with lights flashing are on the roadside. Now add garbage and recycling trucks with flashing lights to the list in the "move over" law.

  • Reaction: Hmmm I don't know about this one. I mean I can see from a hazard point of view but to actually have to move out of the way for a trash can that isn't doing their job is one thing. I don't know about this one, I'd have to see it in person for it to make more sense to me. 

7. Auto Cycles | Three-wheel motorcycles that have steering wheels, enclosed seats and seat belts that make them look like cars are called "auto cycles." A person now must have a driver's license to operate one but doesn't need a motorcycle endorsement. The vehicles are subject to motorcycle inspection and registration standards.

  • Reaction: This makes sense from a safety point of view. This can prevent a lot of young deaths and accidents from happening seeing as how anyone could ride those. I know a couple of guys that were paralyzed from those king of vehicles without being properly trained. Hopefully this will make people go the extra mile before operating one of these so freely. 

8. Catching A Ride | Minimum standards and annual state registration of "transportation network companies" like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are now the law. These are ride-sharing companies where customers use phone apps to hail drivers and complete cashless transactions.

  • Reaction: About dang time! If you've lived in NC for the last year then you know the two major airports here have been acing crazy and want Uber and Lyft drivers arrested on site basically. That's stupid considering people want Uber for the same reasons as they don't want to ride the really expensive airport taxi service. It's literally 60% less to take an Uber, so this Law is great appreciated.

9. Foster Care | New rules are designed to give children living with foster parents more normal childhoods. They are expected to remove burdens that prevent foster children from going to sleepovers and attending prom unless approved from social services or a court. The measure also allows the children to buy car insurance so they can drive because family policies do not cover them.

  • Reaction: This is crazy to me in the sense that this isn't already in place. Never thought there would be laws hindering children from being children, shame that there was ever a reason to have this in the first place. So good that this was finally passed, even though it should have already been passed.

10. Police Information | Police and sheriffs' departments no longer must release numbers of government-issued cell phones assigned to officers or information that could identify their residences. These are not considered public records.

  • Reaction: I don't blame them for this because of all the harassing. Even though I have a sour taste in my mouth right now about police officers I do recognize that not all should be punished for the transgressions of a those who have been caught. They have families as well and the innocent should never be harmed. But at the end of the day I support this move.

And those are the laws that caught my eye at first glance, like I said you can check out the rest here, 50 New NC Laws. What do you think about the rules I highlighted or if you read the article. Leave your comments below.

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