Black Is The New Black Guest Post x Interview

So I had the extreme pleasure of doing a guest post and subsequent interview with Black Is The New Black blog. If you aren't following me on twitter by chance, *cough cough* @ColdKnowledge *cough cough* shameless plug, then you probably haven't caught my tweets on it's importance within the online community. There are dozens of blogs circulating around on how to do most things or the latest scoop on something, but there are few blogs that actually report things that matter such as the current climate in America regarding race relations. It's no brainier that it's not a lot of blogs like this around because people are scared to actually talk about these things still, but BITNB is definitely not scared to go there at all.

As I've said before on Twitter and as you can see from my side bar, I fully support this blog and all of it's goals. There is going to be nothing but greatness that comes from this blog and I think that the next year is going to be a pivotal turning point in terms of the climate in blogging. There are a lot more people that are flowing towards blogging and vlogging, so I fully expect BITNB to be the leader in political activism and just overall knowledge being dished out about this country and how they are treating their citizens. You will see me with my hands in this blog a couple of times through the next year due to the fact that the creator @AGTheGiant has invited me to contribute, and you guys know I have a lot to say about what's going on.

I'm glad to announce that my first guest post on this site, (and the best one I've done to date), is finally up. The Path of Righteous Destruction talks about what happened when the flag came down off the State Capital in South Carolina due to the courageousness of Bree Newsome. It's not only a take from the perspective of someone that has lived in South Carolina for most of their youth but also from a surprise vantage point I don't think many people saw coming. I'm proud of that piece and I definitely recommend you guys to go over and check that out.

I also had the extreme pleasure of doing a follow up interview as well. Interview with Devon Young: A look at the experiences of being Black & Southern had some really hard hitting questions asked in response of my piece; @AGTheGiant definitely didn't disappoint with her questions and I really enjoyed answering them because it was nothing like the typical interview floating around. It was specific, concise and as direct as can be when dealing with the nature of the topic. I enjoyed being pushed outside of my comfort zone to talk about problems that plague us in this country.

When they talk about the revolution and how it changed the landscape of this country forever, look to Black Is The New Black as one of the leaders who stepped up and did something about it. I'm calling it now, this site will work with some of the more prominent members who are leading the way for our cause and change that we desperately need. So be sure to go and check out this great website, there will be a lot of changed coming in the next couple of months that I'm excited for and it will all be geared towards her being better. So it's with a humble and excited heart that I bring to you a great website, Black Is The New Black, you won't regret it.

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