Warning From Tomorrowland

This movie wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.

Some said that the story line wasn't fluid or lost its way as the movie progressed. I want to point out to the people who review this movie that it's children that are suppose to be the ones watching and enjoying this movie. Sometimes a movies plot doesn't have to be overly saturated with good points and emphasis on talking. This movie was clear and concise from start to end. I think they explained both characters perfectly separate and then they brought them together pretty seamlessly. The visual effects in this movie was pretty awesome and that it wasn't one to be taken lightly. I think that Brad Bird did the best that the could with this movie, I just think that it was a victim of timing and lack of promotion. It seems as if Disney is spending more time getting ready for the release of Star Wars and putting their effort into promoting Avengers into the ground, so naturally this movie suffered.

But I didn't want to actually talk about how this movie was better than reviewed, I want to talk about the message that was put out in this movie. I long believe that humanity is doomed to fail, there's no way around it. From all of the extreme weather and the escalated violence, all the way to the increase in the total population of the world, it's only a matter of time. Hugh Laurie could not have done a better job hitting all of his lines when he was describing the current human behavior and psyche. This is one of those movies that hit that level of realism that it needs to be highlighted. Whoever wrote this movie did a GREAT job of point that out and actually plotting the whole story line around it. I think in all honestly the people that say that this movie's plot was weak are the same people that don't want to face the reality of the world. They will do anything that discredits the truth from being told rather than actually doing something to make things better.

In case you haven't seen the scene, here it is in it's entirety:

I read multiple articles with people condemning Disney for making a movie like this because it didn't fit the mold of Disney or that Disney is in fact contributing to the systematic feeding of human self consumption. It's basically one of those "damned if you, damned if you don't" kind of things where people just aren't satisfied. Honestly I could give a damn of WHO made the movie, I'm just glad that a movie on this scale was made for people to see this message. While some poke holes at the end of the movie where basically it was like "well the threat is solved and it's a year later, but we don't want to say what we really did to make it better". Well if you were watching the movie then it was clearly stated how the problem was solved and what they did to rebuild the city.

This message is not only important, it's extremely relevant to what's going on in the world today. While we don't have a realm to magically disappear to, the message was delivered quite clear: change now or be doomed later. This is probably one of the most important scenes in a movie in recent memory and it's sad how people are looking at this from a stupid movie critic than a person who wants the world to be better. But hey like I said before, the human race will not change until they are forced to change. They will not want to live a better life until they are down and out, suffering beyond all belief. And instead of having all of these emotional speeches about rallying to survive and change things back, all they simply needed to do is change in the first place.

This scene, this movie is probably one the most important messages in recent memory and every is chalking it up as no more than rhetoric. And people wonder why we are doomed to be live and die as no more than savages, we don't want to look in the mirror and acknowledge we are the problem.

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