Nona Lisa

Let me tell you guys about a can't miss human being.

When I say a can't miss human I mean that person who is someone that once you meet them you wonder where they have been all your life. When I started following Nona I did so on the pretense that she was just another big time twitter personality who had all of the jokes and made everyone laugh and what not. I mean she is that but at the same time she's actually one of the more conscious and knowledgeable people that you will see on the internet today. With almost 16,000 followers to date she undoubtedly commands the attention of admires, haters and believers a like. The fact that when she talks about things that matter, she actually has the proof and the actual common sense to look up the facts before she starts putting them out there to the masses. I for one have learned a lot just from reading her TL about a lot different things ranging from politics, sexuality, marriage, education and even sometimes with sports. She often makes me wonder how Twitter continues to be a free thing.


N'awlins bred, N'awlins raised.

One of the things that makes me a bit sad is how she recounts Katrina and the effects it has on her post life. More recently the story of how all of her childhood photos and just proof of relatives are all gone due to Katrina. When I hear her talk about the nonexistent help, the days that followed, her having to abandon home and the subsequent gentrification that's' going on today, it just fills me with anger and sadness that this is actually happening to people who are from there and have more of the right to be there. But as much as she talks about her pains from Katrina she also sheds light int things that we should be doing so that we don't get caught with our pants down. One thing she has mastered with her Twitter timeline is that she gives you the full story and the greatest pieces of advice at the end of it all. She doesn't have to, but she makes sure to nuture the ones of us that choose to listen to her and take heed to her words.


Oh my favorite picture of this beautiful woman.

There's no way that you can actually quantify some peoples effects on other peoples lives. Some people have a direct purpose with a specific group of people, while another may touch millions. If you actually calculate Nona's twitter reach, then she's probably seen on a couple of hundred thousand timelines, I wouldn't be surprised if that number hit a million. I say that to say she's always looking out for the timeline. Whether it's information about how to take care of your family when you're going through hard times, information on what to do when you're feeling tired mentally or just simply educating you about some good old soulful music from back in the day; she literally does it all. On top of being as beautiful as she want to be, (and lawd sometimes I have to stop and admire her lol), she reminds you constantly that it's only skin deep and her real power lies within her intelligence and will to care about others.

So to this wonderful mother of Manchild & Minicat, who is an undercover activist, curator of all things good music, for running the top notch cooking show on Snapchat, the bender of ears and the ultimate whisper of heart and mind; I thank you for being you and doing all that you do for others, we need you the most in our time of need and we need you even more when you're dropping knowledge, thank you for being the definition of a Beautiful Black Queen.

And one simply could not write a post about Nona and not mention the late Roux, we all knew how much love there was between the two and we all felt your pain when that day came. We know you miss her everyday and we miss her for you too.

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