KRITically Acclaimed Tour!

I had the extreme pleasure of checking out one of my favorite artists on tour this past weekend. It's no coincidence that I did a write up about Big K.R.I.T. for My Favorite Rap Artists series for the month of October. I knew that I was going to check out his show in advance and I wanted to give you guys a warm up to this posting. If you haven't checked that out, go read that first if you don't know who he is and see why I think he's one of the best out right now. But as for the rest of you, the show was pretty awesome and if I had the chance to do it again, I would definitively check out the show.

I just want to say first that the setup he had for his show was pretty awesome. Converting a Cadillac as a set piece with lighting and all is pretty genius. It was pretty dope seeing the headlights change colors when he was up on stage and the banner in the back worked perfectly with what he wanted to do. It was a show at a civic center but rather a club and that was perfect because it seemed more intimate and connected more with everyone. So the stage and props were definitely dope to see.

First up on the stage was Professor Toon from Durham, NC. He definitely did his thing and I was feeling his energy as he came out to the stage. He didn't give off that vibe of being scared or not knowing what he was doing, he did everything perfect. His DJ hit all the big moments and he made sure that his man wasn't skipping a beat. I liked his sound as well, he had some good club jams and a couple of deep songs that I need to find out the names to, (I was drunk at the moment but still understood). I'm definitely going to find out more about him when I get the chance. I stumbled across his SoundCloud which has a couple of songs up there, be the judge yourself. Also check out his website

Next up to the stage was Houston rapper DeLorean. I actually heard of him prior to the show because one of my friends, (who I can't remember for the life of me), played one of his songs in the car one day and I liked it a lot. He definitely had that Texas sound that's one of a kind and everyone in the crowd was feeling it. He did his thing and had high energy, I was not disappointed at all that he was on the stage and could have kept him up there for a bit longer. He was also hilarious when he said "aye can yall take a picture with me, my baby mama doesn't believe I'm on tour". Check out his SoundCloud and Facebook.

Up next out was my man Scotty ATL, for some reason I completely missed the part that he was going to be there. I was definitely out there hollering Spaghetti Junction when he first came out to the stage lol. Definitely dope to have him come out and do some of the songs I know and one of my favorite songs in the last two years, Nun But A Party. He had a lot of energy as well and this just made the show that much doper when it was time to come out. At this point I was just vibing and having fun and not really rushing K.R.I.T. to get to the stage. If you haven't heard of Scotty you can simply just google him and a ton of stuff will pop up. You can also support him on his website at and and his Instagram.

Up next is the man, the myth, the legend Smoke DZA. DZA did what DZA does and that's came to take names, put it down and dip out. Of course when he came to the stage there wasn't nothing but haze in the air. Of course he put it down OG style and dipped out before we could get it in our heads that it's his concert we were attending. He performed some of his songs and just made it a chilled environment. I was digging it and it made the night that much better. Check out his site here, his SoundCloud and his Instagram.

After DZA left off stage I entered full struggle mode because I was out at the fair all day and I worked third shift the night before. The house music suddenly turned on some Snoop because before they were playing a bunch of random rock songs. But as soon as that came on it seemed like a smooth transition to K.R.I.T. because that's when his DJ came out and they set everything up and it took off from there. But before I get into K.R.I.T.'s set I want to say that whoever put this lineup together knew what they were doing because it was the same vibe the whole night. You didn't have the same type of artists nor did you have artists that didn't mesh. It seemed like all of the sets just flowed like they were suppose to and that's the dopest thing about this concert to me.

But as for the K.R.I.T. set, it was nothing short of amazing. Like the way that he put it all together he just did what it do. He didn't just go from one song to the other or just talked too much with the crowd singing most of the lyrics. He had a legit story to tell before each song and told memories from when he use to stop through Raleigh all of the time. The best thing about his set was how you could tell his genuine appreciation of everyone in the crowd and the humbleness that he had on display when we were giving it our all to rap along. That's something you don't see from big time artists these days, and I give him all of the props in the world. It was pretty damn dope that he jumped off the stage to dap up the crowd and gave me one in particular and said he appreciated me for the energy.

That within itself moved him up easily to number one right there on my personal list of current rappers out right now. And on up the list of my favorite artists period. Major respect for that set and how gave it his all and making it very entertaining.

Then on top of the meet and greet that he actually gave time to each individual, he stopped outside to talk to fans and take pictures with them and videos. He promoted their brands and gave encouraging words. From the sound of a couple of meetings before me, he actually remembered a couple of the guys that were up there, and that was just flat out impressive. The other thing was that he gave his well wishes to everyone effected by the floods when I told him that I was from South Carolina. I was just impressed by this human by the way he carried himself, it's not too many people period like that in this world and I hope I get to meet him in the future again. I'm going to do another write up on him personally but as for this, this show was one of the best shows ever.

So big shout outs to everyone who made this concert a possibility because it was definitely on point and that I would definitely catch this show next year if it comes around and I definitely will get VIP tickets again. I'm going to lament this poster and ticket so I can put them up on the wall somewhere. I'm not going to wear that beanie though because my head is so big. But I thoroughly enjoy myself and I was glad that I decided to go even though I went by myself. So check out the listing here for the Kritically Acclaimed tour and get yourself some tickets and you'll be glad you did.

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