Amber Janae's Self Love Sunday Blog Series Review

So @WhoIsAmberJanae is back on the blog again with another great series, (check out The Man Fast Series Review here), and I love this one! This time around is her awesome series Self Love Sunday and I love it because it's one that gets your mind all the way together for the start of the working week. There are a some really good ones in there that spoke to my poor little soul when I needed it the most. The part that I really relate to is where she manages to mix in her religious belief so well that you don't notice that she's teaching you something until you see bible verse thrown in there. So if you're looking for a great way to start your week, then go ahead and check out these posts on Sundays. I've included all of her posts so far in the series, (as of this writing), so you can get an idea of what it's about.

I hope you guys enjoy and remember to go out and support Ms. Amber Janae and all that she does on her site Who Is Amber Janae!

  1. A Dozen Roses
  2. Seeing Forgiveness For What It Truly Is
  3. Gain Power Over Your Emotions
  4. Giving Myself Time
  5. Staying Mentally Healthy
  6. The Quest To Self-Acceptance
  7. Here’s To Twenty Six
  8. Choosing You
  9. Don’t Forget To Live
  10. Leave Your Mask At Home Girl
  11. Treat Yourself
  12. The Power of Self-Reflection
  13. Check Your Security Level With Self
  14. Happiness Accountability (Free Printables Inside)
  15. A Note On Self-Love & Self-Worth By: Michelene J
  16. Comparison Is Self-Sabotage
  17. Why You Can’t Love Anyone Unless You Love Yourself
  18. Titles, False Perceptions, Reality
  19. There Is Power In Understanding There Is A Plan For Our Life
  20. Grow Where You’re Planted 
  21. Sandra Was Love
  22. Say No To Toxicity
  23. What Are You Feeding You?
  24. You’re On Assignment
  25. A Sunday Well Spent
  26. Tame Your Conscience
  27. Above All Else, Guard Your Heart
  28. Embrace Your Vulnerability

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