Top 10 Horror Movies

Now I will be the first to tell you wholeheartedly that I'm a punk when it comes to scary movies and watching them. But just like anyone else I can't help myself and I still decide to subjugate myself to the mental torture of ghosts and other supernatural beings that I'm sure somewhere in the bible told me not to look at. But at the end of the day I've seen my fair share of horror movies and while some scared me senseless and others just had me laughing, these are the ones that I would watch over and over again because they weren't scary, but rather enjoyable because they were so stupid and over the top.

So without much further ado, here are my top ten horror movies:

10. Candyman (1992) | I'm going to start this one off with a random entry to some, but those who've seen this know how awesome this movie is. Not your typical teen slasher flick where he chases them down through the woods or pops up in their dreams and what not. No he just had to have his back story include references to slavery or some form of oppression, but either way it was great movie on how he basically killed people and the whole bees thing was a nice touch. I know a lot of people haven't seen this movie seeing as it's a foot note in the horror movie genre. If you have time and you can put up with shot spotty 90's special effects, you'll probably like this movie.

09. House of A 1000 Corpses (2003) / Devils Rejects (2005) | Coming in at 9 is a double dosage of movies. Both of these movies when watched initially had me more grossed and creeped out more than being scared. House of a 1000 Corpses was the more bizarre of the two movies with Devils Rejects serving as a proper sequel and ending to the saga. These movies had more WTF moments than anything else. Rob Zombie did better with these two than his Halloween reboot. So if you're into the whole weird killing and torturing kind of thing then I suggest these two movies, there's definitely a payoff at the end of it all. Not an open ended finish like most scary movies.

08. Sinister (2012) | I'll admit that at the time of this writing I have not yet seen the sequel, I'm reserving that for Halloween when the last entry to Paranormal Activity comes out and I can check both out that day. But as for the first entry I would say that the anticipation and little hints of the main villain popping in and out definitely had me in anticipation for what I thought was coming but instead was a nice little plot twist at the end. I love movies like this in the first entry because they usually are the unknown and the climax is slowly built up. I partially feel like the second one is going to suck but for me to say that I have to have high hopes after seeing the frist one. I liked it, it was creepy and built on anticipation, not scary.

07. Hellraiser (1987) | This movie absolutely scared the hell out of me as a kid. This is my oldest brothers favorite horror movie and every time it came on USA or SyFy channel back in the day, he would watch it without blinking. I think this movie was more so weird and freaky to me because of Pin head and all of the chain flesh ripping scenes in this movie. To be quite honest now that I think of it, this movie was probably more on that weird freaky sexual side than anything. I'm more than likely going to go back and look at this movie again because all I remember is Pin head and people being ripped apart constantly in this movie.

06. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) | The first time that I saw this movie was actually the 1994 version with my man Matthew McConaughey and that's the version that I loved, but it was scary in the least bit. Now when the 2003 version came rolling around, it was pretty awesome. Of course it was the over the top teen slasher flick but it did so with better visuals. I personally love Leather Face and he has immense potential, it was just squandered by subsequent bs movies that followed the 2003 version. Hopefully 2016's version will do him some justice and build up to something good.

05. Halloween | Now that we're entering the top five we have to start off with my man Michael Myers. I didn't put down a specific movie because for the most part all of the entries have been watchable at the very least and that's more than can be said for other horror movie genres out there. Michael Myers probably has some of the most random out of nowhere killings of any of serial killer in  horror movie series outside of Jason Voorhees. Plus I think this is the only film franchise ever that started out good and the remakes are good as well. I think that Rob Thomas versions were severely underrated. Besides, I loved when Busta Rhymes took him on, should've beat his ass more lol.

04. Friday The 13th | I give the nod to Jason Voorhees here over Michael Myers for the simple fact that Jason made a movie with Freddy, that's about it. The sequels to this franchise have been less than stellar but the reboot offers some semblance of hope in the sense that they will get it right. Hopefully the entry coming out in 2016 is going to be on par with the reboot since it did such a good job with it. I'm still mad about Jason X and how bad it sucked. Far as raw killing ability, Jason is bar none to everyone on this but one.

03. Child's Play | In short, Chucky is the man when it comes to horror movies and comedy. Child's Play was never scary to me, or anyone else for that matter. The commentary from these movies are priceless and his killing style was pretty stylish at that. The reason that he's so high on this list for me is that there is no one that can come before him for the soul purpose of him being able to do what he does best and that's kill you while making a fool out of you. This little Doll has style, sadly his sequels are not up to par with the first three entries.

02. A Nightmare On Elm Street | Here we have the man that has been terrorizing many a children's dream for over thirty years. Freddy Krueger has been killing people and making a mockery of them for years. The first one is iconic and the way he reached up through that bed and just spewed her blood up to the ceiling was the best thing I've ever seen in a movie. Plus this was the first movie my man Johnny Depp started his career with, of course I would love this. But seriously though, Freddy is undefeated when it comes to horror movie killers, anyone who debates this is only lying to themselves.

01. Saw | This is MY pick for the top spot and I don't care what anyone says. Every single entry in this series has been setup to make you think and has added deaths that are nothing but awesome. Jigsaw is bar none the baddest Horror movie villain that has been ever seen. If you haven't watched this series then you're really missing out on something special because he literally changed the game when it came to horror movies and storytelling. When he killed people each death served a purpose and wasn't something random that just happened. People love this series as evident of a 64 million dollar budget and almost a billion dollars in revenue over seven movies. That says a lot about a movie series in this day and age and supposedly there is some rumblings about bringing it back. Jigsaw made me a believer and and a avid watcher.

So there you have it, my picks for my top horror movies that I watch. Like I said it's nothing that's over the top violence, (well Hellraiser might fit the bill), or just flat out make you crap your pants. These are all movies that I like to watch when I want to see something scary and entertaining at the same time. What are your favorite horror movies to watch? Leave it in the comments below, I love to hear from you guys.

Until next time!

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