Insidious: Chapter 3 Movie Review

I didn't really like this movie.

The first one was a cool new concept, the second one was pretty decent and the third one just turned out to be straight up corny. I know it was designed to be a prequel of sorts but I'm starting to get tired of movies coming out and then going back to the beginning. I think that method of movie making isn't working at all. Stay in the present and go forward because your audience wants to see what's happening next, not what happened before. 

Well I know that's the case for me at least.

I really wanted to watch this movie and review it just for Halloween but I couldn't pay attention for the life of me. I literally zoned out multiple times and even during the "scary" bits I still didn't pay attention. I kind of tuned out after they made the old black lady seem crazy and senile, go figure. But I did pay attention to the end and of course it was your typical "oh I came to my senses and saved myself" deal. I definitely tuned it out extra hard after that. I was warned about this movie before I watched it that it was going to lose me, but you know how I am, I didn't pay attention to that. This is one of those times I wished I did. Maybe I will re-watch this movie to see how I feel but as right now, Chapter 3 was a big failure in my book. And that's sad to say because I'm the guy that's easily scared. 

All hope isn't lost for this movie though. The first two were good enough that this one could be ignored IF Chapter 4 returns to it's glory of what made it cool in the first place. The story line and concept have a couple of advantages over the other ones because it's not really being done right now, so they are the first to actually be able to capitalize on this before someone else comes along and makes a better version. One thing that I do hope is that they stray far away from the corny characters and the cheesy endings. Make it an actual horror movie and scare someone again, that's just my piece of advice. I'll go see Chapter 4 off the strength of the first two entries, but it's going to be make or break for the series if they do decide to make it, one wrong slip and this franchise can easily become a dud.

But hey if you saw this movie I'd be interested to know how you liked the movie, leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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