All Bark & No Bite

Recently I was subjected to a way of thinking and situations that I actively avoid these days. I use to be unhappy, I use to hate every single day and I use to hate being around the people that I HAD to be around. Then that all changed when I made the conscience decision to be happy with myself and make my life that much better. The day I took my life back is the same day I was blessed with the vision to see and understand who people were well before they even finished their first sentence. It's not judging by any stretch of the imagination, it's called using what you've seen and been through in your life to make an accurate assessment of one's character. Now I'm not saying once I see that they aren't any good I just don't deal with them, I actually keep them at arms length and I wait and see if they shoot themselves in the foot, which they usually do.

I give them the chance to be better, but they rarely ever do.
But the one thing I noticed about these people is that they aren't who they hype themselves up to be. They usually walk around with their chest poked up, belting out any kind of rude or made up lies to whoever will listen, all to just have someone feign interest in them, in which they really aren't. One you actually test these people or put them in their rightful place, that's when they cry wolf and subsequently make you the bad guy. It's like when I was reading The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People and saw some things on their list that made sense to me. Things like:
  1. Give yourself a negative identity. Allow a perceived emotional problem to absorb all other aspects of your self-identification.
  2. Pick fights. This is an excellent way of ruining a relationship with a romantic partner.
  3. Attribute bad intentions. Whenever you can, attribute the worst possible intentions to your partner, friends, and coworkers.
  4. Whatever you do, do it only for personal gain. Sometimes you’ll be tempted to help someone, contribute to a charity, or participate in a community activity.
  5. Always be alert and in a state of anxiety. Optimism about the future leads only to disappointment.
  6. Blame your parents. Blaming your parents for your defects, shortcomings, and failures is among the most important steps you can take.
  7. Don’t enjoy life’s pleasures.
  8. Ruminate. Spend a great deal of time focused on yourself.
  9. Glorify or vilify the past. Glorifying the past is telling yourself how good, happy, fortunate, and worthwhile life was when you were a child, a young person, or a newly married person—and regretting how it’s all been downhill ever since.
  10. Find a romantic partner to reform.
  11. Be critical. Make sure to have an endless list of dislikes and voice them often, whether or not your opinion is solicited.
There's more to this list but that's what I've noticed in the people that have been around me as of late spewing out nonsense and rhetoric, and it just amazes me looking from the outside in and they don't realize what they are doing. Happiness is really a choice that most people don't realize that they can make on their own. I use to think that it was just a young person thing because they simply didn't know any better, but then I realized that it's not limited to age but rather a life experience kind of thing. People are going to act a certain type of way if they aren't given any other options or room to practice and grow into their own way. Which is sad because miserable people breed miserable people.

But at the end of the day all should know that these people are usually all bark and no bite with their hollow threats when you ignore them. They'll eventually go to keep spewing whatever nonsense that they have going for themselves and they will shoot their own foot. They live and die by the attention that's given to them by people, so when the people that they are trying to solicit the attention from, doesn't give it to them, they pretty much flounder. That's my little food for thought if you're facing that kind of person, just let all of the nonsense fly right by you and keep on your path of becoming the best version of you possible.

At the end of the day you are who you make yourself to be, unfortunately there are some people in this world that never want to be more any than anything but drama filled, depressing shells of themselves. They will reap all that they sow for being ugly to other people, whether it be now or later, God always has the last laugh.

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