Break Everything By Antonia | Debut Single Review

Today is the day!

Way back in June I had to extreme pleasure and honor of interviewing Antonia, (which you can read here). During that interview she stated that her debut EP Break Everything would be coming soon. Well today I have some very exciting news for you guys, today she's releasing the lead single off of her Break Everything EP and I couldn't be more excited! Before we get into the swing of things I'm going to let you guys take a listen to it and catch the vibe from it for yourself. Here's the single:

First and foremost what I love about this song is her voice. If you know anything about me it's that I hold the true singers near and dear to my heart. Hearing Antonia sing, whether it's a ten second clip on Instagram to her bran new single, she always manages to captivate me with her soulful voice. Unlike many of the singers that you hear these days that rely on heavy production to cover up the fact that they can't sing, Antonia needs none of that. In fact before the actual beat comes into the picture you can hear her harmonizing over the track, giving you a warm up for what's to come. Another thing that I noticed is that she doesn't give you too much or too little of her voice, she seems to hit every note in stride.

The next big thing that I love about the song is the actual beat. I've come to the realization some months ago that live bands and actual talent is my thing. I love groups like the roots and singers who come out to their own band and you can just tell who is about their craft and who's not. Well this song manages to utilize both production and live instrumentation. To me, (after listening to it a million times already), I can tell that it's relying more on it's live band feel than that of over the top sampling and extra noises that most artists rely on. Plus you get to hear her skills with her handy and trusted guitar, which is always a great thing with Antonia. Ryan Anderson, (@RJAnderson08), really did a great job with this one.

In short, this is the kind of music that I live for. A song that puts your mind in a place of deep thought about a person who you wished would just act right, all the while making you tap your feet and flat out trying to sing the lyrics, even though you know you can't. From the mini guitar break down to the overall good feel about song due to the vocals there's not enough great words in this world that I can say about this song. If this is any indication of how the EP is going to sound then she's off to a great start.

If you liked the single then I definitely encourage you to go over to her sound could at ToniaMusic and follow her. She has many other great tracks up there for you to check out as well, and most importantly this song is available for purchase, so please support!

Until next time guys!

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