The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

I liked this movie.

Like I always say, too much is made of movies these days; everyone wants the next billion dollar franchise. I mean that's fine and all, but not every single movie is going to or needs to be a billion dollar franchise. Granted if you spend 90 million on a movie like this one did, you want to reap a tad bit more than the 105 million that it bought in. I still liked this movie though, it was just cool looking and it setup a great franchise with it's plot. The one thing that I would want from a second entry if we get one is more of Vin's character Kaulder kicking more ass with villains that can hold their own against him. That would be my only knock against him for this movie that it relied too much on the dialogue rather than the action.

After all, this is an action film and Vin is an action star, ya know?

But for me everything seemed to work, only character that annoyed me was Elijah Wood's character at the end when he became the typical backstabbing cowardly villain. I think that they missed the boat with him potentially being the main bad guy for the whole franchise where he could have played a pretty nasty dude. They kind of wasted his star power a bit with this role, but such is life these days. Both Rose Leslie and Michael Caine played their roles pretty well with Julie Engelbrecht playing a pretty great Witch Queen. I think with a bit more movie time showing why she was such a threat would've boosted her stock a bit. One would say that this could have taken place in the middle ages where the movie started and worked it's way towards the present over the course of three films.

The special effects were amazing, (see the massive burning tree in the dream sequence and Vin wandering through a time square riddled with flowers). The was also the scene where the apartment looked normal, but then it wasn't, that was pretty awesome as well. Also I would love to see some more cool weapons being used in this movie. I know they had his sword and all but I would love to see him wield an axe or some pretty cool guns loaded with some cool things to kill mystical creatures. Now that we know his immortality is linked to that of the Witch Queen maybe we can get him to do something magical, not witch like, just magical.

All in all this was a pretty solid movie, with a little script tweaking this movie could go places. I'm giving it a solid B for the fact that it looked good, had the cast to go along with it's effort, the couple of fight decent fight scenes, and sequel potential; overall it couldn't get over that hump.This is one of those roles that is prefect for an actor, that's why Vin decided to make it. If you're looking for something to watch and you like fantasy movies like this, then I would suggest you watch it on one of those days where you don't have much to do and this would easily make you entertained.

Until next time guys!

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