Going For Broke, I'm All In

Pain heals. 
Chicks dig scars. 
Glory ... lasts forever.
- Shane Falco

I was never really the one to play it safe. I like to push the envelope and go for it all.

You have to know what your thing is in life, like what works best for you. Most people know what works best for them, but usually they're too scared to do that for fear of failing or being embarrassed when they don't quite make it or live up to other people's expectations. Me on the other hand, I don't care at all if I fail or look stupid in other people's eyes. It's like Jay Z said "I will not lose, for even in defeat there's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me". I've always carried that mentality with me because it's proven to be successful time and time again.

The one thing that I have over most people is probably one of the easiest characteristics to acquire if you practice it hard enough, and that's patience. Patience takes me a long way, it takes me to places that I've never been and shows me things I've never seen before. Once patience takes me to a place that I've been waiting for, I just go for it all right then and there. I don't take my time or treat it like a precious baby, I take everything that I have and I just dump it all into whatever moment presents itself. I've been told that kind of thinking is that of a gun slinger or that NBA player that produces that right amount of aggressiveness and smartness to make that last second shot.

I was told I have the will to win like that of a champion.

I didn't want to agree with it until what a champion consists of and what they do to get to that moment. I was told that they bust their tails to prove that they belong in the area that they want to be in. Then once they get to that area that they want to be in, they bust their tail to prove that they belong there. After they prove that they belong, they bust their tail to prove that they have staying power. Then after that they work hard some more to prove that not only do they have staying power, but that they are better than everyone else. Once that they prove all of these things people start to put things onto their shoulders because they proved time and time again that they could handle it.

Once you reach the point of added responsibility through demonstration of your hard work, then it's time to put yourself on your path to your moment.

For some athletes their moment can come early like Steph Curry or they can come later in your career like John Elway. Either way, if you work hard enough, you sweat enough, if you bleed enough, if you sacrifice just enough, your time to shine will come. When you get to that point all you can do is be ready to rise to the occasion with all of the knowledge and heartbreak that it took you to get there, you have to make that moment yours because you've already done it so many times mentally.

And that's where I am, in my moment.

If you know me or at least pieced together some of my blogs then you know I've been busting my ass for the last year and some change to get my life together. So far it's been a slow process to be honest, a lot of it is just timing and some of it was me regressing, but for the most part it was just life being life. But that's not the case anymore, everything is literally falling into place for me to succeed and if I can just get this last thing over the hurdle I will undoubtedly have done a complete 360 from where I was last year; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The reason I chose Shane Falco from The Replacements because at that moment when he trotted back on the field when everyone counted him down and out, he came back and he bought the team through the fold on his back. The quote is the most app thing in my life right now and I tell myself that everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror. I picked myself up and I've dusted myself off and now I'm about to throw that Hail Mary for the win with the win on my back and the most sure fire receiver in the league.

I just put my helmet on, went over the play with God and now I'm trotting onto a sun filled field and I'm game for the last two minute drive.

This is my call to greatness.

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