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Well it's that time of the year where people dress up and pretend to be other people and go out and get drunk in the process.

No this is not Comic Con either, nerds.

Halloween hasn't been one of the things that I put too much stock into when it comes to celebrating things. When I think about it in retrospect, I don't think I've ever went out and dressed up as anything for any Halloween ever. I mean I've never felt the need to dress up but I absolutely love when other people do it because I simply love to see their creativity on full display. Over the years I've seen some pretty awesome costume designs and I've been a little more active with taking pictures with those good folks because they deserve some shine. I haven't really seen too many of the slutty costumes that have come associated with Halloween over the years, I think people are getting more creative and trying to out do each other every year. I'm not complaining that it's turning into a competition of sorts, just means better pictures for me.

Now most Christians don't celebrate this holiday because it is a Pagan holiday and it was used by a lot of people way back when to practice basically calling the devil. Now I will never, ever in my life support anything like that, I do think that this holiday has strayed far away from that and become more of a American holiday than anything. We have a way of taking something and molding it into whatever it is we want or upgrading over the original, something like Apple does with Android features. But for those that are strict and believe that their religion will never allow for them to enjoy this holiday I would say that it's not the same thing that was practiced way back when but rather something people get to live vicariously through one of their favorite celebs or movie characters.

There's nothing wrong with Halloween as a holiday as long as you know what you're celebrating it for and the history on how it started. Basically educate yourself, check against your morals and act accordingly. Like I said before, personally I never had the desire to do anything for Halloween and I've never seen anything wrong with dressing up like a character and going out to have fun with it, it's just apart of life you know? Plus you get to enjoy some of those great horror movies with someone you want to care or just want them to jump in your arms all "scared" and what not.

What do you think about Halloween as a holiday? Do you celebrate or do you just not do it for a reason? Leave your comments in the section below, I'm excited to hear from you.

Until next time guys!

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