06' Til Infinity

This is the reason why I started writing these posts, Tiffany literally gave me this idea

I've actually had this post written since around about February when I had the idea to write this, of course through trial and error I've started to perfect this series of writings and have come to thoroughly enjoy them. If this is your first time being here then these posts about my friends come around their birthdays and I usually sing their praise for being an awesome human. When I thought about this post for Tiffany in particular, there were no shortage of words in my mind. Now if those words could be shared here remain to be seen lol, regardless Tiffany makes life worth living on a daily basis when we have time for our chats. To say a life without Tiffany would be one of boredom and weak laughs would be saying the least.

She's probably going to kill me for this picture but this is my favorite one of her.

This friendship isn't great because we agree on every single thing or that we're each others yes men, because it's the opposite. We butt heads so much that it isn't even funny, most people looking from the outside in would question why we are friends still lol. But it's those moments and the moments where we completely hit our stride within our friendship that makes others look like they're a baby just learning how to walk. We've been friends since around 2006, born from rival colleges, I honestly don't know how we managed to be friends for so long. But the fact that we are just shows that even the smallest of connections can have the greatest impact. I understand that most people never get the chance to experience friendships like this so I cherish it every single day that I wake up.

To know Tiffany is to know a person that loves to live life.

When it comes to just getting up, going to do whatever it is she wants while maintaining her life as an adult with a whole career. Most of the time when I'm being a brat or too stuck in my ways she doesn't hesitate for a second to let me know and to let me know the depths of how much I'm being a baby at the time. All the while she has supported me and Cold Knowledge to the best of her abilities. The best thing about Tiffany is that you can see a peak of her life through her many posts on her blog entitled Addiction. Whether it be personal or it's her taste in her music, you get to take a peek into someones life who has a whole story to tell.

So it's with great humbleness that I also bring my good friend Tiffany to you guys world, she's definitely a person you will not want to miss out on.

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