Words To Live & Die By

I'm not one to laugh at people, but after reading When Blogging Goes Wrong: Writing About Men The Men You Date I had a nice little chuckle to myself. It was about 2002 when I learned my lesson about writing on certain things when it deals with dating and my personal life. Even now I still feel the backlash on a couple of blogs just because people think that I'm talking about them. That's just the nature of the beast sometimes when you deal with blogging about how you feel and the results of those feelings. Sometimes people understand that you're not talking about them and even if you are, you had the decency and enough smarts not to mention them by name or be too specific about situations. That's what sets us apart from people that just write about gossip all day long, it's what makes us writers.

One thing that I did learn was that you always have to be the same person when you're blogging as who you are in real life. Just like in music, movies or sports, there are people who get up here and create whole blogs based of a persona that simply isn't them. A few more people gain some sort of notoriety and lose their minds over it, all apart of change. But one thing that people forget that there is always someone that knows who you are in real life and they will always be quick to humble you when you start to stray too far. Anyone that knows me in real life and knows that I blog can tell you that I pretty much line up with what I post. Of course there are the exceptions when I drop something about my personal life that most people didn't know, but that's a good exception. For the most part I also write with no regrets, meaning that if someone comes up here and sees something that they don't like, I'm not going to go back and change my words to make them feel comfortable. Nine times out of ten I've probably already let it be known how I feel anyways, and if I didn't then it simply means that I didn't really care in the first place about you.

Sorry not sorry.

Plus there's also the fact that I never divulge that I'm a blogger right off the bat. I never post anything really to my personal social media accounts about me being a blogger because people don't realize that I don't feel like talking about my blog when I'm trying to have fun with people I know. I usually get cornered and have these conversations about my blog posts that people either want to see if I'm talking about them or they are trying to be nosey and see who I'm talking about. Both which grind my gears to no end, people see my facial responses when they talk to me about them and still choose to do so. Usually I make something up to make them feel some kind of way about their self because they are bothering me and just troll them the whole time about it until I admit that it isn't about them or anyone that they know.

I know it's wrong, but it's the only time I can bother people as much as they bother me.

But at the end of the day a blogger is going to live and die by the words that they write and there is nothing that we can do about it. The things that we post are our true feelings and there is no reason that we should be ashamed of anything that we say because it's the truth. Now if you're out there blatantly lying and not owning up to what you're really feeling then that's a whole other problem that you need to deal with. But if you stick to your guns then there should be nothing or anyone that will make you feel any kind of way about what you do. I do have to point out that since I started writing and became more conscious of my likes and dislikes in life I haven't really had too many problems. Yea BS has flown my way, but I've completely missed it because I simply didn't care about who it was coming from.

But a word from the wise, always say what you mean and mean what you say, even online.

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