It's 11:11, and I can't sleep.

So many thoughts that run rampant, so many that can't be contained. It's like a bottle of raw emotions that are ready to be poured out. But somehow I keep them bottled in, and somehow I refuse to let them escape. It's just that at this exact same time of the night, I wish things were different.

Not that I wish there wasn't that one fight, that one day I didn't call or that one day I didn't bother to reach out. I just that I wish that things were different in the sense that I wish I could move on, to something new, something better.

Time has passed and the thoughts that use to haunt me, are a thing of the past. There's that last little inclination of hesitation, but that's slowly starting to dissipate as well. It's pitch black and all I can see is the dim light from the clock that reads 11:11.

It feel as though time has stopped to give me ample time to think on the subject at hand. Why would the mind play such a terrible trick and make it seem like it's something that's worth working my mind up over and over again.

It's still 11:11, is time really standing still?

I realize I'm stuck in this moment of thought, in this moment of defeat, in this moment of self pity. Then in a blink of an eye, something comes over me, something  makes me feel calm. What can it be, how is this is happening? In an instant my mind is clear, in an instant my heart is a cluttered mess anymore, and in an instant, I found life. And at that moment I look over and I see ..

That the clocked changed to 11:12.

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