Whoever made this day is a genius.

Over the course of the last couple year and a half, my views on a lot of things have changed. I am not one to throw whole races under the bus and I do realize that each and every single one has their own problems, and what we shouldn't promote one race more than the other in terms of gaining superiority over the others. That was the message that Dr. Martin Luther King, J.R. was trying to preach in all of his messages. Equality for all is an important factor in motivating the human race to do better, I do still believe in that message. That's what a lot of people forget at the end of the day is making the human race better overall and getting out of this mindset of people having more to offer based off their skin complexion.

That is the main goal that we are trying to achieve here, because never was the goal of the African-American race to be better than others, simply to become equal and given fair opportunities to succeed in this country.

With that being said, #BlackOutDay is the most genius thing I've seen coming from twitter.

Even with it being on March 6th, it carried well into March 7th and I don't see it slowing down any time soon. Looking at the hashtag on twitter just showed how much support and love there is out there among the African American race that it's beautiful. Over the past year, as I've grown in age and wisdom, I've learned to appreciate certain aspects of the African-American race. One being the true beauty of our queens and how they carry themselves, along with the support and constant growth of the younger generations are trying to make towards equality.

Personally when I get on to twitter and I search the hashtag, I love all of the beautiful faces that I see, most are smiling and posting pictures of accomplishments they are proud of. Whether it is school, professional, physical or family wise, all of the images that I've seen from there have been positive. When I look at the hashtag, I'm proud of each and every single person on their there that takes pride in themselves as African-Americans.

Now on the flip side of things ..

You have the hashtag on Facebook that I'm not too fond of because, well you know, there are a lot of brave people behind those keyboards. I was going to post some of the ignorant comments that I saw but I took my own advice and decided to not give any of them any kind of attention or any kind of merit because that's all they want in the end, attention. Instead I'm here to say it's awesome that this hashtag went viral and it was met with great reception. I'm really proud of everyone who stepped up and made this a thing because like I said last year, the tide is turning when it comes to how we view ourselves as a race and I'm here for it.

If anyone is shaming you or trying to bait you into debating on why #BlackOutDay is a bad idea or asking why should we have a day like this and not others, just don't entertain the negativity. Because that's the goal of people of that nature, to get you into a debate, giving them a chance to paint this in a negative light and we don't have time for that today.

All in all, this was a great thing to lead up to #Selma50 & #BloodySunday. It was meant to shed the light on the finer things that our race is trying to accomplish and I'm proud today and every single day to be African American. I just wanted to jot up a post showing appreciation for the hashtags and just everyone stepping up to the plate and showing that we are more than what the media portrays us to be, this weekend was a great weekend.

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