Dear White People Movie Review

This movie was interesting.

I see what they were trying to accomplish; it was amusing for most of the movie. After watching the ending of the movie I initially thought that it was slow and wasn't really that much to talk about. But after some further analyzation, the ending was genius. I was more so caught about what I saw instead of using my brain for deducing what actually went on. The transformation of all of the characters in the movie was well done, especially with that of Samantha White. It showed the struggles we as African American's face when it comes down to the appropriation of our race while trying to find their own identity in this world.

I mean some things I could've done without, like the use of nigga by the white casts for no reason at all, and some of the stereo types being repeated a couple of times weren't needed, but I get that this movie is also a bit of satire, so I'll go with it. But out of all of the characters, the one that most intrigued me with their progression was Samantha's, she realized that her being mixed was not who she was, being a militant leader wasn't it either. It was her realizing that she was a person that just stirred up everything and made true emotions come to the top, the anarchist. That was pretty dope when she came to that conclusion about herself.

All in the entire movie was dope, I don't like giving away too much about the movie, I'd rather you have something you can watch the movie for, and I do recommend this movie if you're looking at something on a deeper level. If you're easily riled up by the antics of black face and usage of the word nigga by white folks, then this movie isn't for you. But if you realize the satire in it all, then you'll handle this movie without a hitch.

If you've seen this movie already, what are your thoughts on it? Did you like it or was it unnecessary? Leave the comments in the section below.

Until next time guys.
  1. I enjoyed the movie and its ability to delve deeper into the issues of the varying Black, educated people struggle. Many don't realize that there are identity struggles across the board whether male, female, upper class, lower class, mixed race or gay.
    Plus I love a good biting satire from time to time.

    1. Yea that was exactly the point they were trying to get at with the film, I'm glad you saw it unlike others. And a little satire never hurt anyone lol.


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