Jessica & Me

So let me tell you guys about a great friend of mine.

This young lady happens to be one of the most awesome people that I know on this planet. She's also a bit weird at times, as evidence points out in many of the pictures she decides to have her tongue out for no apparent reason. Well I can't really talk too much, I snuck a couple in there as well. But none the less, I just wanted to tell you guys about spirit is whoever free flowing and isn't scared to do what she wants to do and takes life one day at a time.

I first met this young lady back in the glorious year of 2007 when I was really just having fun and enjoying life without a care. Now I'm pretty sure she'll correct this story because for some reason I can never really remember how or when we became so tight, but this is my blog and I tell the stories here lol. Any who, the simple story here is that we met, cut our palms and made a pack to be friends forever. That's how all my great friendships are, they can't get rid of me that way, it's a forever kind of  thing ya know? But any who, ever since that day we've been pretty close friends and everyone knows it when they see pictures of us on Instagram or something of that nature.

I really don't like this picture because I look weird in them lol.

I actually like all of these pictures for some reason, I think it was cook out or whatever. I actually think this was when I first moved back to Raleigh and it was the first time I saw her, I could be wrong per the usual. But either way, these are my favorite pictures right here.

Either way at the end of the day, this is one of my coolest friends right here, and I'm glad to know this young lady and her ever so dynamic personality, I can honestly say that she's help make me a better person by always trying to be the mother hen of the group and challenge my moral scope and keep me from being a jerk all of the time. This post can't really do her any justice because these are just words, knowing Jessica is to know a life well lived every single time you encounter her.

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