Beyond The Lights Movie Review

Now in the mist of hyping this movie up to be big, someone mentioned that this was the greatest romance movie since Love & Basketball.

Needless to say, that was a pretty bold statement. Do I agree with that assessment after watching that movie, no I don't. Was it a great black romance, yes it was. I for one don't like to compare things, because by comparison you're trying to hold it to a standard that may or not be attainable in different people's eyes. I like to take things for what they are, and analyze them based solely off their own merit. So when I watched this movie, I didn't take that review of the movie in any kind of serious consideration. This movie is its own movie for a different time, and I personally liked it.

It's not a low budget movie with a couple big names in there; I personally think it's always a great thing when you see Danny Glover on your screen. The music in this movie is top notch; I think it's one of the main reasons why I like this movie. Just like in Love & Basketball with Maxwell's This Woman's Work, Amel Larrieux's Don't Let Me Down provided the same feeling of connecting to another person in the climax scene. So yea, for me the music actually made the movie that much more enjoyable. The character progression was definitely on point, and the way the story was told of each character development was on point. Even the supporting characters in this movie developed at a nice smooth pace, and that's a big thing when it comes to great movies. One thing that made me happy was the fact that the movie didn't feel like a low budget one, the camera work in this movie was top notch.

Overall, I'd say I liked this movie, I've seen it once but that won't stop me from watching it again in the future when I have time. Nothing about it seems like something that was either rushed or low budget, everything was about as on point at it could be for a romance. I personally love Gugu Mbatha-Raw, she's so gorgeous with that awesome British accent, and I think she's slowly making that come up, if given the proper opportunities. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch something with their significant other that's not too cheesy and not too over the top. I'll probably whip this out on a movie date, rainy day, or a snowy night.
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