Sometimes, it's just great to bring new people into the mix.
- John Oates

Recently I met a cool ass person I like to call Rose off of twitter, well Kang Rose if you will. Just meeting her and totally vibing out to how cool she is and having so many things in common just really makes social media worth it sometimes. Like most of the time when I get on social media, it's kind of annoying because I see a lot of complaining, asinine comments, and people just making a complete fool of themselves. That's why I get up there and just troll all of the time because, well one it's funny as hell, and two it's easy to just get up there and not take it serious. That's basically what I do, and it's funny when people think I'm being serious, when in factually, I'm not even close to being serious.

But there are those times when you meet those people who just connect with you on a level that's not easily explained. Like all of the stars come together and the good Lord just drops that one person into your life that enhances it in ways that never thought impossible. Kang Rose is one of those people because the moment I sent that first tweet we've been full steam ahead, and that's how I like all of my friends, just dope people that are just trying to enjoy life. Believe it or not, there are not too many people that believe in achieving that sort of thing.

But that's neither here nor there, or any of my concern, what I'm trying to get at is that social media has evolved in a way that allows people from one side of the world to connect to the other. Granted actually hanging out and being able to create memories is hard thing to do because you might not live anywhere close to each other, but the simple fact that you even meet people that you have stuff in common with is pretty dope. I remember when military twitter was real big and we all followed each other, and some of us even realized that we were stationed together; we would chalk the jokes up and just laugh. But a lot of those people I'm still cool with.

Social media can be a great thing if you allow it to be, I mean after you filter through the nonsense and the people that just like to reach for those nerves for self-gratification purposes. This is sort of an appreciation post to all of those fine folks that I've met through social media and have become great friends with in real life. Kang Rose is just another great, highly appreciated addition to this thing I call life.

What do you think about meeting people from social media, have you been lucky enough to meet cool people or do you just shy away from such? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.
  1. I've e-meet lots of dope people through twitter. Naturally, they're bloggers like me. I mean I don't go out of my way to talk to people I don't know and can't see face to face like that but like anything, when it happens naturally, it's always great.

    1. I definitely feel you on that, I talk to a lot of people regardless of where they are from because my motto in life is "you never know what could happen". I've had instances where I had to go to a state I never thought I had to go to and I knew people there from social media and they were cool in person. But then again, I'm just an adventurous person and I make friends any and every where lol

  2. Oddly, I've found a closer bond with certain folks I've met through or talk to solely on social media than people I actually know in person. Social media has, also, let me see certain ppl in a different 'light'- both positive and negative.

    1. And we both know the great and bad side of that, and more people should understand the workings of social media, I'm glad you're proof all the great stuff that can happen.


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