The Unbeaten Path

You can be anything in the world, in God we trust.
An architect, doctor, maybe an actress,
But nothing comes easy it takes much practice.
- Nas

I want you to think about this scenario for a second.

When you take a road trip to somewhere that you really have your heart set on going, and you've never been there before in your life. So you punch the directions into the GPS. You're driving, happy that you're making great time, the weather is nice, you even stop to grab a bite at a restaurant you've been wanting to try. But as the road trip progresses, things start to change up at bit.

The day becomes later & the light starts to make way for the darkness that's coming. But you don't fret because you're getting closer to your destination. As you're getting closer to your destination, you start to realize that the place you've wanted to visit is within reach, the excitement starts to build. But you realize that as soon as you get closer, the GPS doesn't give you an exact location on where you need to go. Just a general area, seeing as you've never been here before, you start to become a little anxious because you don't know where to go. The light is now gone and you're driving around looking for the exact place to be. Now as you're driving around looking, you become frustrated, what do you do? Do you leave? Do you turn around after driving so long?

No, no you don't.

You stop, ask for directions, you enter the directions again & pay closer attention to the signs. You even pull off and collect yourself if you're feeling that frustrated. Either way, you take the time to calm your mind and find the route that you were looking for. So as you calm down, you do what you have to do and you get back to finding your destination and when you do all of those things, you find your destination, almost immediately.

We've all been at that point before in life.

Remember the feeling when you found your destination, the overwhelming sense of happiness and relief. Not giving up paid off because you didn't want to turn around and start all over or having to settle for something you didn't want to really do. That's the same thing with relationships in life. When you're with a person you really like or you love, you don't want to just run away when something goes wrong. Something will always go wrong when you're that close to the destination. Something will always be there to deter you from going the distance with someone.

Sometimes you have to pull off the road that you were on, go to a motel and stay the night by yourself to gather yourself. Sometimes you have to be the one that says, I know that I'm almost there, I know that I was lost, I know that the weather turned bad on me, but I also know that this is the one place I want to be. This is the destination that has been in my heart for so long, I refuse to stop and turn around now that I'm so close to finishing. That's what YOU have to say to YOURSELF.

Now granted when you get there, the sign might say close, the might not be any room for you anymore, there might even be a feeling in the air of you not being welcomed, and guess what? That is perfectly ok as well. Getting back up on the path to your destination was the hardest fought battle you could do. Now that you've been in that situation before, you'll know how to better handle the situation of being lost. And sometimes, when you take the trip again to the same exact destination, you'll have better results.

The moral of the story is, don't give up and become frustrated when the destination or goal is close with someone. It pays to take the time to gather yourself and come back in a respectful manner. Don't let other people tell you when it's to leave someone or when it's time to move on, because they don't know what's going on, they don't know the relationship that you two share. It might be stronger than you think if you give it the chance to be. It might even grow into being that strong if a person see's that respectable level within you to put forth the effort for them.

Take the time, make the effort, don't give up right before you reach the destination.

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