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All of this is a result of a young lady doing what she has to do to make it. I use to get into these debates with people about how other people go about their means of making it but then I realized that these same people that I was debating haven't really gone through that ultimate struggle of having do things on your own. Now while I do not knock them, and one day I hope to have my children in the same position to succeed as they did, there still has to be a certain level of knowledge of just when to shut up. Now this is not me defending women who decide to dance as a profession, this is not me choosing to "cape" for women who also just decide to dance instead of doing something else with their life because that's their choice and I have no input on that.

This is about a young woman who dances at night, and goes to school full time during the day. This is about a woman who has a child that she supports by herself and doesn't want to depend on helping hands and other assistance to raise her child. Now I do have to point out that I do not know this young lady personally, nor have I ever met her, but I'm sure this story doesn't only apply to just her, it applies to other young women who are doing the same thing with their life, trying to make a way towards better. She literally went from being a single mother at the age of 16 to college graduate and her daughter is graduating kindergarten at the same time. That is an accomplishment no matter how you shake it. And for that reason I commend her for doing what she needed to do to make a way.

The picture in short is beautiful, I love the big twin/mini twin combo, and it shows her daughter that her mother is trying to do the best that she can and provide her with a better life. It's just amazing how this is a feel good story and people choose to point out how she got to where she got by making silly comparisons. I've went away from posting negativity on this site and I only focus on the good things that people tend to do, and this is a great thing, so today I want to say that I'm proud of these young Queen for making a way for her daughter and to the Princess for making her mother proud on graduating. If you were looking for examples here strippers actually strip to go to school and succeed at doing it, I proudly present you one in the flesh.

What do you think about this situation where people are shaming for how this young lady got here, rather than congratulating her for sticking to her guns and making something of her situation and doing the best she can? Leave it in the comments below.

Oh yea, a little side note, the picture is gorgeous and I love their outfits.

Until next time guys.

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