Where There Is A Will ..

People are afraid of what they don't understand, and they lash out against what they can't do.

That's just a natural reaction, that's life. I was one of those people for a very long time because I didn't know any better; I didn't stop to think that those people were the ones bringing me down. As soon as I realized that other people couldn't fathom the things I wanted to do for fun or just experience in life, it was time for me to become bigger than I saw myself. There are those moments when you have to be something different, when you have to know that there isn't anything that you can't do in this world, when you realize that you can conquer it and be something more.

That's the thing here, being something more than what you even thought you could be. That's the essence of life to me, pushing the envelope, testing the boundaries, not living within those constraints that people put you in because they want to either control you or don't see the value in who you are as a person.

If you sit back and realized that all of your life you've been doing things that deal with growth. You learned to push yourself up and walk, you learn to hold a spoon to eat your own food, you learned words to formulate your own thoughts verbally, and you mastered how to think for yourself so you could choose your own actions in life. That's major growth, so why isn't stepping outside of your element considered one, why are you holding back when you dream bigger than what is in your scope. Now all people aren't the same, that's a great thing. Not being the same as the person next to you allows for a different perspective on actions in life.

That's necessity when trying to advance in growth, because if we had all of the answer individually, then we would be a race of perfect beings. But that's not what we are, we have to rely on each other and the experiences that we grow through to not only grow ourselves, but help build the person next to you. When you grow and you spread that growth, you can watch a whole garden of beautiful flowers bloom, but when you are that weed, you can see that garden die right before your eyes, leaving you alone in sadness.

Anything you do in life will be met with some sort of opposition, whether it is from yourself or someone else, the lesson here is to take into account what's being said and make the best decision that you can, for you. Everything that you do in life is not going to be right, everything that you do is going to be wrong, and that’s the beauty about life. You get to walk around and make mistakes and learn from those very mistakes and make yourself and others around you better that are if they choose to learn from those mistakes.

You have to put it in your mind that you are going to succeed no matter what; you have to have that will to win inside of you. It's nothing something that can be taught, it's only something that can be learned through hard times and pain. Once you put that there in your mind that you can win, that's when you start to win.

No one ever grew into something more by always doubting themselves, no they didn't. They grew into that great person because they knew they were going to be great and they kept working hard at trying to be great. Get those people from out of your ear telling you that you can't do it or that you're crazy for wanting to be different. Step away from that crowd, step away from that poison and step into that purpose which is there for you.

You have to be the starter of all things good in life; you have to be the catalyst, because if not, then you're bound to be nothing more than a fool with a dream and nothing more. Just remember this one important thing for when you run out of answers and you can't think of anything else to do to win:

"Where there is a will, there is always a way."

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