The Gunman Movie Review

This is one of those movies that I caught randomly and it was good for the moment.

I would say this is in the mold of the Taken franchise in terms of older actors showing their chops for being able to throw down like a 20 year old while providing solid acting. Now I will admit that I'm not a big Sean Penn fan when it comes to his acting, but this movie I was actually able to tolerate him because he wasn't really focusing on doing too much talking, rather than a whole lot more doing. This is in the same lane of just fast paced action and straight to the point plot. I mean I've watched enough movies to figure out the plots of them, but this had enough points to throw the causal fan off their track.

The cast was pretty much on par for who was in it, Javier Bardem & Idris Elba's roles were not as nearly important as they should have been in this movie. I think that Javier should have been the lead antagonist and Idris should have had a bigger role as an ally, rather than the little focus that he received towards the end. This movie would have been way better if there was an actual fight sequence between Javier and Sean, and Idris would have actually had a chance to display some of his size and skill set with a fight scene. But other than that Sean does the best job he can with what he has to work with.

This is one of those movies I tell you about to not have too many expectations when coming in and just have fun with it. If you don't put too much thought into it, it can be an enjoyable movie for you when you don't have really anything else to do and you have seen all the movies that have come out. If you put too much mental power into it, then you'll be highly disappointed at the end.

If you've seen this movie, then I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on it, leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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