Blogging Happily, Finally.

I'm a writer.

I'm not a blogger, I'm not a poet, I'm not a movie reviewer, I'm not of those, I'm just a writer. I write about any and everything, I write about things that make me sad, depressed, things that have hurt me and things that annoy me. I write about things that make me happy, things that bring me joy and things that I dream will happen one day. I write about sleeping, I write about going out to the movies, I write about my family, I write about love. I literally write about any and every single thing that comes across my brain's desk because at the end of the day I do so much, I want to remember the smallest of things to see why I do the current things. I love writing and I love expressing how I feel through writing, therefore I can't just summarize my blog into one niche; I would be insulting the very essence of what makes my blog, my blog.

Back in July Krystal, creator of The Feisty House, created #BlogHappyChallenge which promoted the blogger to engage in active thinking about their blog and how they perceive it at the current moment so that they can get back to blogging in that happy place. When I initially accepted to do the challenge, I will honestly and wholeheartedly admit this, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake and I didn't take it too serious. That was my first mistake, but subconsciously I knew this challenge was going to push me a bit, I'm glad it did that and way more. This challenge didn't return me to my happy place blogging because I realized that I never started blogging to be happy, I always blogged to just vent and get my pain out there. Blogging before this challenge was a way for me to face my problems and to acknowledge that they exist, dumping those skeletons out of the closet.

I've done that and it's time to head towards greener pastures.

Granted I can't get away from blogging my frustrations because I'm human at the end of the day, but I can do a way better job at adding so much more depth to my blog. I was looking back at all of my posts, doing some analyzing in the wake of one of the questions in the challenge and I realized that I'm blogging unhappily. With every single thing that has gone on in this country regarding the murders of many innocent Africa Americans, then a couple of guys that I know from my time in the service have committed suicide this year, combined with a couple of things that have gone on personally, blogging has been stressful for me as of late. But after completing this challenge I realized that I can't let those things weigh me down because life is so much more, so much more.

I'm ALWAYS going to blog about the social injustices that plague my community, that will never go away. I will always blog about mental health issues and how important it is to support people with mental alignments. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, amongst other things, and I want to encourage people out there that suffer from some of the same things that I do to get help and know that if I can do it, so can they, and I will help them if need be. This blog will be about mental health and it will promote the support of getting help for it. Along with mental health promotion, I will talk about the injustices in my community, regardless if the system approves of it or not. I'm going to talk about how messed up the system is and I'm going to talk about each and every single piece of news I can in regards to African Americans being treated unfairly in this country, simply because Black Lives Matter.

Then I'm going to blog about what actually makes me happy: movies, music, TV shows, food, sports, nice snazzy ties that I find, and all of the good things and people that make my life spin around.  I'm going to continue to promote all of the awesome bloggers that I network and who push me to greater heights in terms of my dreams and goals for my own blog, they are greatly appreciated. This is the moment that I have come to where I choose to be happy and I choose to blog happy and I'm glad that Krystal had the innovative mindset to start this because it has helped me immensely. I suggest that anyone who is currently struggling with their blog and trying to find their happy again or just looking for a little redirection, I implore you to go look at her at The Feisty House or specially at the Blog Happy Challenge, I promise you won't be disappointed.

So once again thank you to Krystal for this challenge because I'm more excited than ever to be participating in blogging happy once again.

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