Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation Movie Review

This movie was on par for what I was expecting from it, and that's a great thing.

I've been more vocal when it comes to movie franchises such as this and the Fast and Furious, while most ask what else can they do with these franchises? My answer to that is a simple, a lot. Movie franchises such as this one survived in it's longevity because stories like these will always be rehashed, always. They will have a different name, different actors, different shooting locations, but they will have the same basic premise as this one because it's all about the action and the thrill of being a secret agent. What sets this movie franchise apart from the rest is quite simple really: they stick to the basics. It isn't the most sophisticated acting in the world, it's not going to win an Oscar for best emotional film of the year, and it's not going to make you cry. What it's going to do is employ heart pumping scenes, fast paced action, great storytelling, and the payoff in the end. At the end of the day, that's what an action movie is all about, action.

People tend to put these high standards of what a movie should be in their mind when in fact they should be doing the opposite with films such as this one, just enjoying the ride. I mean it's cool to expect some kind of levity when it comes to the acting chops, but I'm not here to overly think about a movie that's all about action. I want to see some cool stunts, hear witty lines, with the occasional serious moment; after that I want to go home and go about my life. With this movie, it's the same thing that I love about it, it's simple and to the point. The stunts aren't THAT outrageous, with the special effects getting better with each entry. The acting of Tom Cruise and cast is on point and it built on the previous movies transgressions, which made for a nice fluid plot line. That's a first time I think with the last three movies, they are slowing playing off each other and building continuity.

So with the plot line established, the established acting, and the incredible vision of director Christopher McQuarrie, this movie was a very solid one and it's definitely one of the better movies of the year. In comparison to the movies in the franchise, I would say that still like Ghost Protocol a smidge better for the simple reasoning of it was kind of like that movie in a lot of ways, but we're not going to get into that. So in terms of me actually referring this movie for you guys to watch, then yes I do, as long as you stop complaining about it being redundant and no reason to be made. Just relax your mind and enjoy a really great movie that was made to be an action movie, I promise you will like it.

Check out the trailer here if you want to catch it before you watch.

Did you see MI:5, if so how did you like it? I'm always interested to hear, leave it in the comments below.

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