When The Unexpected Happens

My first impromptu post of 2015!

So for reasons untold I was pretty bummed out during the day because I wasn't able to attend my cousins 30th birthday party. So after about, I'm going to say a year of no drinking heavy at least, I made my glorious return. I grabbed me a bottle of fireball, because that's the only thing that tastes rather grand and sneaks up on me over time, and my homeboy had a bottle of 1800 that I was going to take shots of. Ya'll I was really going to get sloppy drunk within the confides of my own home while eating wings and then take my black ass to bed so that I can get up and go to these meetings I have on Sunday. So as I'm sitting there just drinking and eating, I get a text and it's a guy that I knew from back in the day that lived in the area I've been avoiding. Not avoiding because I don't like him, avoiding because I know he wants to turn up and have fun like we use to in the old days, but I retired from that life ya know? But since I'm just in a whatever mode I decided to reply to him and see what he was trying to do.

That turned out to be the best decision I ever made in my life.

Now he's a social outing kind of guy, he hits every kind of event just to be seen and do stuff. Well he hit me up because he knows that I listen to J. Cole a lot and he said his friend gave him two three tickets because he wasn't trying to go anymore due to being sick from the turn up the night before. So I was like of course I'll go, that immediately made my day better, like instantaneously better. So let's recap, I'm buzzed, I had wings and I get to go see J. Cole in concert for free, my heart is currently filled with so much joy that I forgot about all of the things that put me in a mood for the day. So shortly after arriving in Fayetteville, I realized I came up the back way and that my favorite restaurant Checkers was around the way. So not only did I get all of that, I got to eat at my favorite fast food restaurant.

This day just couldn't get any better, or could it ..

So I got to see a lot of the old people I use to run with down the way and we all kicked and caught up, I didn't get to see my best friend or sister because I didn't drive, another win by the way, so I was ok with that fact. We make our way to the concert and we were sitting on the right side at the top where I preferred because I could see the stage and I could see the screen, and like in Cole fashion, he killed it. This isn't my first time seeing him, I saw him on his Dollar & A Dream Tour in a smaller venue, which would have been better to me if it wasn't for him having brought out a couple of guests to the show. I'm not a Drake stan but actually seeing him in person, in Fayetteville, NC of all places, was a pretty big deal. This is after Cole shut it down and with Big Sean kicking it off. I'm not going to lie, when he performed I was right there with everyone else rapping and doing what not, and he performed two new verses I think, which was dope too.

But that wasn't the highlight of the night.

I had drinks, great food, didn't have to drive, free tickets to see J. Cole and Big Sean, and then Drake gets bought out to the stage for a surprise appearance. That's enough to leave me happy for the rest of the year in terms of concerts. But then the one thing I never thought could happen, happened. JAY Z of all people showed up out of the blue and gave everyone in the crowd a second life. Man when I tell you my head exploded and I was in there rapping every single line that I knew of that song and hit every part like he did, MAN this was just unexplained, to be honest I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. This has to be the only time in my life that I regret not having my phone on me so I could at least snap or take videos of the show. Like to see three of the top artists who are running the game right now was just mind blowing, but to see the legend himself in person just topped everything.

I don't know what I did to deserve such amazing stroke of luck but I'm glad the good Lord was looking out for me yesterday. I was talking to my homeboy about it and he said it just boils down to good people doing good things for other people and never looking for anything in return. He said that the reason he thought of me was because I always took care of him when we were in the Army together and never thought twice about it. He said you don't meet those kind of people everyday and that when something little as a ticket comes across your lap, then you have to pay it forward. Just when I thought to myself that I was being too nice, something like this comes along and makes me remember that I'm always blessed to do what I can when I can do it.

So thank you to the man up above for giving me the ability to be me and pay it forward at all times and shout out to my homeboy that took care of me without second glance, reminds me that a G is loved.

Until next time guys.

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