Next In Line!

I can only do so much.

Now granted I have blog posts in my drafts ready to fill up every single day from now, August 15th 2015, until Jan. 20th of 2017. Then on top of that I have over 200 something drafts ready to be written in my notes folder, I am fully prepared lol. But I don't like the fact that I have so many of my writings on my blog now, that's why I reach out to a lot of other bloggers and people who want to get their message out there. With the steady growth the blog is receiving, I think it's high time to add another view to the equation. It's time to open up to different avenues that even I didn't think about when I first started.

It's time for that fresh vision.

But alas there's one problem with that, I haven't found the right person yet. This site is my brain child, if I'm not eating, sleeping, working my actual job or spending time with my friends, I'm working on the blog. I'm actually always working on the blog in my mind, I forget more blog posts and blog series ideas due to me not being able to get to my notes on my phone or a piece of paper and pen. I'm fully invested in this site and I need someone that's equally or even more dedicated than I am to it. That's really hard to come by these days, it's not like many people have that kind of drive. The only other people who I know for a fact have that kind of hunger for success, well they run their own successful blogs and we bounce ideas off each other constantly.

Most people would think having another person to come in and work with them, sharing their ideas on what works and what doesn't work, as intimidating. Me on the other hand, I welcome the criticism and the enthusiasm all in the name of making Cold Knowledge better. I'm ready to open it up to a worlds that I didn't know existed and I'm ready for the next phase, I'm just ready period lol. But it's going to be hard finding someone like that as I said before because of the lack of enthusiasm or they are just busy with the real world and all of it's bs.

But like anything else in life, it takes time and due diligence. I'm always looking for someone to come in and help take things to the next level, but it has to be the right person, with the right vision. I know you can't rush things like this because if you do, it could mean the destruction of something that you love dearly, and that's the last thing that I want. So when it comes to the expansion and less responsibility for me, I want to make sure that my eventual partner will be able to handle my crazy ideas, me calling at 3am because I just wrote something that I really love, and constantly asking them what ideas they have.

That's going to be one awesome individual, whoever they are.

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