Entourage Movie Review

The boys are back! Well sort of ..

When this movie was announced I was excited because I knew that it was going to fix the last season and how it was suppose to end. And where I thought it was going to be a one off type of film where they rode into the sun, I was turned back around and shown truly that there isn't such a thing as a last ride with these guys.

The movie wasn't anything different from what made the series loved in the first place which begs to question why this movie didn't just premier on HBO and earned possibly the highest ratings in the channels history versus' releasing it to theaters where the majority of people haven't watched the show. That's probably my only knock against this movie other than the opened ended ending which leads me to speculate that there could be more from this series than what people have said about this show.

I just feel like this movie left a couple of open ended questions before the mid credit scene.

For the actual movie, it was a good one considering I actually invested time in watching the  series and it was pretty much on par for why we loved the series initially. I know that there were too many cameos to even try to name that made the movie that much more special, but the fact that everyone was there from various times in the series history made it feel pretty cool too. It didn't have any special effects beyond the bits and pieces of the movie Hyde that was made in the film by Vincent Chase, the character the show is based around. That was pretty dope as well.

All in all, as a fan of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie for the simple fact that it returned to the elements of what the show great. Would I suggest this movie to you? Depends on who's watching the movie and if they've seen the show or not. If you've seen the show, then totally go for it, if you're a newbie then I would suggest watching the show first and then watching the movie, seeing as how there is a sense of payoff after the last season.

That's my review of the movie, have you seen it? If so, then how did you like it? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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