Wise Up & Shut Up

This is one of those self analyzing posts where I have an epiphany about something that I do that's flat out wrong, today that's realizing I react too quickly.

Having a hot head just runs in my family, from Grandma Annie Bertha, to my mama, my dad, my brothers and even the little ones in my family exhibit it in some way. It just runs in my blood and I'm trying to do better on multiple levels of life with it. I realized some time ago that having a hot head and just lashing out isn't the move, well I stand corrected, I learned that in basic training. That's about the same time I realized that just keeping my mouth shut and not reacting was the best thing to do in the situation where I couldn't win. Then I realized that applying that to my life where I could actually think more and play on one of my best strengths of strategizing.

I also realized in that instance that people want to get a reaction out of you when they are arguing and want you to show that raw emotion so they know you are playing right into their hands. So I stopped giving people that kind of satisfaction and I started playing by my own rules and ever since then I've been happy. Learning to check your emotions is rough in the beginning but after you get the hang of it, then every little thing that made you upset right then and there, doesn't even make you blink an eye in that direction.

That feeling is liberating.

Now on the other hand of that, there's the whole thing where I react way too fast in relationships or even just dating in general. That's a whole different story that stems from different levels of what it means to deal with someone else. I'm pretty sure a large part of that was me being a jealous person, but then I had to come to the terms that no one owes you anything on this planet, once I realized that I'm a happier person. Now granted I'm a human I still slip up from time to time, but for the most part I'm doing way better than what I use to do. But reacting too quickly is not going to be good for the relationship period, something I had to learn the hard way, another great reason why I slowing my roll was good for me lol.

But all in all it's a work in progress, I'm never going to perfect it, but at least I can come close to trying to understand what the consequences are when I just react instead of thinking. I mean after all, it's supposedly what's getting us killed by these police officers out here.

But this was just a random thought and lesson that I learned through trials and tribulations that I thought I would share with you guys.

Until next time.

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