Love x Dream x Smile Blog Review

I love people who aren't scared of being vulnerable.

I say that to say this: those people who can't be openly vulnerable while teaching a lesson are the kind of people who everyone needs in their life simply because they know how to succeed from failure. That's what the essence of what my blog is and that's what the essence of Love x Dream x Smile is about as well. This is a fairly new blog that I'm still getting accustomed to but I already know from the content that I picked apart that this is building up to be something quite special. Matter of fact, I'm fully backing this right now and putting my name behind this blog in saying that it's going to be huge in a year’s time if she sticks to it, count on that.

If you're wondering why I'm giving this blog such high praise, well it's because it's original and genuine content. It's the kind of content a lot of people can connect to because it deals with a lot with raw human emotions. She puts herself out there, her pain, her love and her hopes in anticipation to educate, motivate, and most importantly to inspire change. Her most recent post When I Lost You I Found Me definitely struck several chords with me. She took me back to a time where I wasn't happy and made me think on memories that I don't like thinking about, just to bring me back to the present time to make me realize how much better a person I have become.

Ladies & gentlemen, that's what great writers do, they tap into things you didn't know existed.

In addition to providing you with the actual proof she struggles just like you and succeeds just like you can, she also provides a whole series of motivational quotes and words to your email bi weekly called Love Notes which I find very awesome. The blogs that I support transcend the very word blogging and they become something like a beacon for people who need some sort of guidance at a time where they struggle. This is one of those blogs that aims to educate, motivate and inspire you to be a better you, to be a more confident you, to be the happiest version of you possible.

I don't just cosign anyone, but this blog is too great to pass up and it's too bright not to help shine it's light on all parts of the world that needs a little bit of illuminating. So as I learn more about Rae and her blog, watching them both grow, I implore you to do the same because I have a great feeling that it's going to be an awesome sight to be seen.

So without much further ado, I like to introduce you guys to Rae, creator of Love x Dream x Smile and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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