Fall of A Living Legend

Don't you just love the times we live in currently?

I wanted to wait awhile to post this, so I can gather all of the facts and to just sit back and look at all of the comments on the situation. Seems like any and every star embroiled in some sort of drama is demonstrating exactly why you're not supposed to idolize or put any faith in man. We live in an age where doing the right thing and being politically correct are at an all-time high, so any little thing that you have done or did in the past will certainly come back to bite you in the ass.

Technology is becoming so advanced that in the near future if you think a thought then it can be pulled from your brain and made public to the masses. That's why it's so imperative to be careful what you say and be mindful of your convictions and views. Now I'm not one to live in a fantasy world where any and everyone has to like you, because I don't like a lot of people myself. But one thing that you have to be, and which I am all of the time, is respectful to those regardless if you like them or not. That's a concept that most people fail to grasp because they are just plain ol ignorant. And those people usually mess up at some point in life and are the first ones to seek forgiveness from the masses, typical behavior.
This brings me to the Terry Bollea. aka Hulk Hogan, situation where he made remarks about black people in a sex tape filmed with a close friend’s wife, weird right? For those who have been living under a rock or in some remote part of the world where you don't receive any kind of news on about anything for the last thirty some odd years, Hulk Hogan was one of the biggest stars in sports entertainment, well entertainment period for about a good twenty of those years.

He's appeared along some big names that include Mr. T, George Foreman, Dennis Rodman, Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris just to name a few. But he's met numerous of fellow high profiled celebrities and he's been pretty much the face of pro wrestling, when asked about wrestling the first thing people will say the WWF and Hulk Hogan in the same sentence. He's wrestled numerous wresters of different nationalities all over the world and h was trained by a couple of different wrestlers of color, such as The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson. So his history of working with fellow performers of color is there, so that's what makes the comments shocking.

The sad part about it is that there are two separate conversations where he used racial slurs, one stemming from the video and the other one coming from a prison visit with his son Nick who was locked up for a fatal car accident. Those two incidents combined with his pending trial against Gawker for releasing a sex tape with him in it basically has him on the outs at this current moment. Now as for the comments he made can be found here at the National Enquirer site, they originally broke the story after it was made public knowledge that the comments were going to come to light. 

WWE was the first to know when they were going to leak and quickly blacklisted Hogan, or more commonly referred to as the "Benoit Treatment". Now a lot of people have come to the aid of Hogan saying that he was at a bad place in his life and that he wasn't the same man that they knew. Now most of these people are not black people and most of the people in the comment section are also not people of color, so all of these we should forgive Hogan this and that are from people that don't understand or know what it's like to be called a nigger most of their life. I was going to go on a mini rant for those idiots in the comment section about how we're overreacting to this news and that WWE, who is a publicly traded company, is going overboard with blacklisting Hogan. Then I saw this comment on the Lords of Pain forum:


That was spot on, that was what was needed to be said to every single person in the comment threads saying that Hogan's treatment is undeserved. 

I'm sorry but I'm with WWE on this one, even though they might be doing it just to protect themselves at this point and not to lose too much revenue. Hogan was a grown man well into his 50's at the time the comments were made, he knew what he was saying and he knew what he was doing, I will not excuse him and I will not forgive him at this exact moment. What I want to happen is for Hogan to learn his lesson, I want him to feel what it's like when you turn your back on a group of people who supported you when rose to the top, and who he subsequently burned. Hogan will undoubtedly be off the blacklist but for now, he needs to be there. Many of the people that know better and right from wrong have even said this much about his treatment right now. The Rock who wrestled Hogan at WrestleMania 18 even said this in response to a question asked by US Magazine: 

“It’s funny, it’s one of those things where, 
And [I’m] not justifying what he said,
We’ve all talked trash, especially in private,” the actor said.
“He said what he said, and he’s paying the price."

And The Rock is exactly right, and I know people will try to spin this and say "well if we all say it then why we are crucifying Hogan?", because he got caught is why. Like I said, I'm no fool, I know every single person in this world doesn't like me, and that's fine. But also what I pointed out is that I will respect everyone, so I expect the same in return.

Hogan disrespected a whole race that helped build him and his massive empire, so he's getting his just dues right now. So to anyone defending him and telling me and other African Americans that we should just automatically forgive Hogan, that's not how this works my friend. We are tired and we are fed up with always having to turn the other cheek in this country while they steal from us, oppress us, and kill us in broad daylight. We will not let any little infraction go, no matter how small it may seem to you, including this. So I commend WWE for making a swift decision and sticking to your guns about it. And to Terry Bollea, because right now you're not the Hulkster that I know, I hope you learn from your mistake, get help and earn your forgiveness the hard way. I'm going to leave you guys with a simple tweet from currently WWE superstar Big E that sums it all up right now for me:


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